A Look Inside the Ebola Hot Zone

What will it take to stop this deadly outbreak?
1:58 | 08/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Look Inside the Ebola Hot Zone
We turn now to the growing ebola crisis. While doctors here have had some success treating the disease it continues to March relentlessly across Africa. Dr. Richard Besser made a return trip to the hot zone in Liberia to see what it will take to stop this deadly outbreak and good morning to you, Dr. Besser. Reporter: There have been outbreaks of ebola for 40 years but none that caused the devastation they're seeing in this. I went to the country's largest hospital to see the heroic efforts under way to save lives. This morning, a look inside the hot zone, a make-shipt ebola clinic. Used to be used for treating people with cholera and now it's ebola. Open just nine days ago it's now at full capacity. Nearly 60 ebola patients, many without beds to sleep on. Highly contagious, highly infectious. Very dangerous. Reporter: We suit up in full protective gear and go inside a triage unit, a highly infectious area www.suspected cases first arrive. They're assessed to see if they could have ebola and if they are put into isolation. Just outside the keen is pock lip tick, a courtyard where ebola patients sit and wait. Some are confirmed cases, others waiting to be tested. This is one of the most important places where the health care workers when they come out get sprayed down and take off their protective gear. For health care workers here there are many challenges. They desperately need more resource, more beds and more protective gear. Are you worried being in the hospital taking care of ebola patients? Indeed, we are worried but we got to come because if we all sit back, there will be no one to care for our brothers and sisters. Reporter: It has been torrenti torrentialally raining in Liberia which is adding to that feeling of global isolation. Many airlines canceled flights in and out of the country because of the fear of ebola. You know, while it was easy to get in here to report on the story it may be difficult getting out.

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{"id":25125464,"title":"A Look Inside the Ebola Hot Zone","duration":"1:58","description":"What will it take to stop this deadly outbreak?","url":"/GMA/video/inside-ebola-hot-zone-25125464","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}