Inside the High-Intensity CrossFit Games

Athletes compete at the event for the training program that has become an obsession for millions.
6:36 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Inside the High-Intensity CrossFit Games
-- Eyes widened to almost a hundred pounds overhead is on -- mission to the content in fitness may end in America. I'm James -- Martin point eight -- all my hometown voters Massachusetts. James is hoping to prove his prowess here at the annual cross -- just one of a thousand athletes competing. In the four -- ultimate sweat filled smack down. Seven. -- -- -- -- -- can't think about how management via business to probably sting a little bit. 101000 cross that -- around the world the high intensity strength training program has become an obsession for millions. It's hard to -- With the body of evidence like that it's yeah. -- it's become an obsession. Yeah -- are better cars better -- I don't think it's you know and hasn't given. Done anything unhealthy to my life the only good -- Syrian I would say obsessive only in the sense that. It takes up a lot of my time. But the sports has also come under fire. This classic failed videos showcasing the dangers of the sports if not done properly. And James he's not a meaning there check out that like night. I found an answer I want it. Trying to get those last couple of little steps -- kids is. The little blue moon but -- like I won't slow until it's too much at stake. Winds 275000. Dollars endorsement deals and -- The first. Three time defending champ. It's from. That there being -- success -- you -- please consider being. LA the goals always to win so that's that that would be the success of villiers anything less than map to train all year -- a teacher training course so. James his journey to the super bowl -- -- that began weeks prior. Here in Massachusetts. Doesn't happen overnight -- Hey here's that cultivating business. He's been practicing for the big gains daily starting cross -- seven years ago. Getting his mom in on the act. You are ahead. Self proclaimed mama's. Why did you saw that OPEC -- dead against Belmont what probably a settlement that never goes away once you are going to want to locked in on that -- on them. -- -- -- -- James who also works as -- -- -- instructor could lead to his next book drive up a bunch. Okay not bad but it's not just guys who are here to complete its 42 when. We'll do overhead squads and sprint sleds to prove they are eaten -- -- in the country. Way to -- like California. Profits trainee act on this. Retired -- -- that death has also been training all year long. Every year gets harder murder the competition at Stanford but the event tonight we have no idea whether this. In about three hours there will unveil its. And then we'll probably they have about an hour and a half to do. Be ready soon. And that competition. Unexpected sneak. She makes a run during this -- hearing she suffered a knee injury in 2008. And wound its acting up at the medical tents -- wincing in pain. -- -- -- -- thing that you are going to be able to. This -- live thing. I never mattered but I know that. At times when it comes time to -- his father. When there come a point where you -- you -- -- of the top -- An -- we'll -- a few maybe it would be extreme measures I think. It permanently damaged my ability to walk. But is competing at the best thing for -- debt and business poured in that position athletes too far. We went across it gains director date Castro warning answer. The program is very safe. When applied properly with coaching and instruction -- an affiliate with trainers. And it's it's it's even safe to be honest if -- were decided on your own but now coaching and I did that and I know hundreds if not thousands of people who died in the process. On their own without proper coaching. Others at the event back of the Montrae here that it's not -- safety people are most concerned to build the safety. In the training absolutely safety is no -- is always Paramount we're doing things that are -- doing and with that I thresholds but out here. Things -- just a little bit more intense because of something on the line. Out here is safety is not a priority winning as a priority and and sometimes safety -- besides. -- -- -- only have to go through sixteen hours -- trainee. Just one weekend to coach the athletes but is that enough to keep cross that are safe. You know get your level one that lets you know you've been through -- basic elements. Right it's an affiliate owner's responsibility. To take on the -- of products he wants to deliver to his community. Fight and further training my stuff it's all here have been doing this for years and they study and read. Constant. Back on the field it's two hours before the competition. And that -- warming. I feel like have you -- his workouts and not the same may never happen. Beckett James went straight to keep billing and we want to the final competition in the top 25. In England. -- struggles and paid during this rope climb that manages to press forward Phillips. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- James completes an obstacle course of rope climbing in tablets that it's not enough. The -- 21 place. I -- you all back. Because I love it aside from physical aspect of it the community in the people inside across that I've met in the last seven years are amazing. And now maybe that's -- I started it but that's certainly -- keep doing. In a bottle of insurance like this merely completing the race is a victory. For Nightline and -- small in Los Angeles.

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{"id":24831893,"title":"Inside the High-Intensity CrossFit Games","duration":"6:36","description":"Athletes compete at the event for the training program that has become an obsession for millions.","url":"/GMA/video/inside-high-intensity-crossfit-games-24831893","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}