Inside the Miss America Competition

A glimpse into what life for the contestants is really like.
3:10 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Inside the Miss America Competition
More than 12,000 women a year sing -- dance, twirl, banjo, even belly dance their way across local and state stages. ♪ sometimes, you get up here. So, they will stay in. Reporter: Butt glue, a spray adhesive essential for keeping the bikini bottoms on their bottoms. If your bathing suit rides up, you can't pull it out in front of the judges. You don't want everybody to see everything. You want to make sure it stays. This is a great choice 23r you. Reporter: Miss kentucky has a different kind of trick. We put a swimsuit over the bombshell bra. And no one will know. The bombshell bra. My secret weapon. Reporter: And the ladies pull out every stop to make sure things go smoothly. Like the last-minute lunges and push-ups that they say make their muscles pop. From now, until game time, every calorie counts. I have a flat butt. It's been a problem. I said to her, you have to do something about the fact that your butt's flat. Reporter: The nit-picking feeds into the natural insecurities all women face, even ones that look like this. Adding to the mounting pressure. Her legs are her problem genetically. We have to find a way to shrink her legs. Reporter: Your trainer told you needed to lose seven or eight more pounds. How does that feel to hear? It's more motivation for me. And a reminder for me that, okay. I'm wearing a swimsuit on stage. Potentially in front of millions of people on national television. That kind of puts things into perspective. Reporter: Miss america contestants spend hours upon hours studying everything under the sun. Sam champion, come on up. Reporter: And so do the judges. Ask our sam and "dancing with the stars" cheryl burke, who has the tough job of choosing who will wear the crown. We've been watching these young women all week long. And the interviews can turn on a dime. Cheryl, what do you think is the best advice for someone in an interview situation? I think to really be yourself. And take the moment in. Reporter: That can be easier said than done. Listen to what happens to miss california during this practice interview. What's your feelings on euthanasia becoming legalized. That's something I'm not very educated on. I need to look up on exactly what that means. But I do know it's a vaccine, correct? No. Euthanasia is assisted suicide. I felt so dumb. I felt so idiotic. And that's one of those things i don't want to have happen in my interview. Reporter: That's why judges like sam believe confidence is key. The most interesting time is when the young woman sits back, enjoys the experience, can look each judge in the eye. Absolutely. And let her point of view

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{"id":18190310,"title":"Inside the Miss America Competition","duration":"3:10","description":"A glimpse into what life for the contestants is really like.","url":"/GMA/video/inside-miss-america-competition-18190310","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}