Inside the War Room: Meet the Democrats Who are Watching Every Move the GOP Makes

A behind-the-scenes tour of the rapid response nerve center at American Bridge PAC.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the War Room: Meet the Democrats Who are Watching Every Move the GOP Makes
Hello and welcome to the fine print I'm Jeff Sony we're here in the democratic war -- of American bridge with the president of this group. Brad -- house -- what is going on here this morning we are kind of the central apparatus for tracking and -- search really on the progressive. Side and so at an event like -- pat. We put our resources. To work we put our researchers our media monitors were looking for what Republicans are saying -- -- -- back now I had. We're not out there looking for gaps and we were looking for what are Republicans really believe. The reason we have to start talking about what -- for -- not continuing to rail against what we're against is because of one simple reason. Our ideas are better than their ideas. We really look for -- to differentiate. The progressive. Side of the world from conservatives out of the world more so than gaffes but we'll take him we -- so whenever there is a a big speech or even a small speech -- him back in someone's hometown chances are you guys are watching where there are -- either there with -- filming it. Just like the media and we we have media monitors that are watching the local coverage we're tracking whatever. Republicans are saying wherever there -- Take me through this so war -- here -- -- you have. -- people over there with headphones on what exactly today they're monitoring -- acts. In addition to watching the speeches they're monitoring. Tweets that monitoring news coverage. They're they're looking -- strips and then of course we have trackers who are actually acts acts. Our tracking directorate is she's in contact. With them what are they picking up on the ground literally -- -- just like ABC has. Who were also. Out the hallways capturing conversations and the beginning of every morning as we saw a bit ago -- a morning meeting to kind of plan out today we do that we have a meeting to plan out today. As some -- it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kicking off programs. -- historic what's. Tracks that you you can be -- -- fairly routine said. You know every day we're we're meeting to assess what opportunities are so this sounds like the permanent campaign and some of these people aren't even running for reelection now why is it necessary to watch them right. One of the key things in campaigns is knowing what your opponent says what they do what they believe so we look at this as real time rapid response but also. As a place that cure rates that we. Our security in the resource. On what Republicans are saying what they're doing and we curing the video of insane doing do you guys decide. If you should release something really quickly if you hear a policy position or -- -- you should save it. Until later in the race original reserves is more likely to be held on to so we. Get hold the document or piece of video that we think no one else has. And we think there's more strategic use for later that's the type thing that we would hold -- -- it but if it's something like -- -- where everyone is covering that. Then we're gonna get now gonna get it out immediately. Who are some -- your favorite. People that these guys like to watch. I give you one of Rand Paul and they. You know I mean he's the gift that keeps on giving want to -- his attacks on Hillary Clinton because of what Bill Clinton did twenty years ago. He took advantage of a -- that was twenty years old and an intern in his office. There is no excuse for that and that is predatory behavior that is -- really hurt. Them and you know in the long and set. It's -- -- -- -- because it's just so outlandish. On the flip side is we like to go where there's that you know the potential likes the -- For some these Republicans really. Out right wing one. And you know at the same time in a different room across Washington like this Republicans are doing the same thing well imitation is best form of flattery after -- -- -- twelve election after they saw what this organization did like. -- -- -- can comments and Murdoch how much information we fed to the super -- ads on. Paying for example so America rising. -- started on the Republican -- after. After the election -- modeled themselves after us and so. You know more power -- -- so when someone hears something really get it what happens after this thing here is you know talks immediately are. Communications staff consults with our media mongers and then consults with a research staff which with the tracking clues together. With research bullets to make sure that we. Have what we say we have what we think we have within there's an email that goes around to every one. Almost immediately saying we have this we think it's gonna be good people run upstairs that. That to my office sometimes they'll run -- there before the -- -- -- people get you know people get excited successful were -- -- -- Brad thank you -- -- -- thank you could see it and that's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm -- felony. -- you next time.

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{"id":22809862,"title":"Inside the War Room: Meet the Democrats Who are Watching Every Move the GOP Makes","duration":"3:00","description":"A behind-the-scenes tour of the rapid response nerve center at American Bridge PAC.","url":"/GMA/video/inside-war-room-meet-democrats-watching-move-gop-22809862","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}