The King of the Selfie

Hollywood cameraman claims he invented the celebrity selfie in 1981.
4:02 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for The King of the Selfie
Everybody's making a big fuss about self fees -- this. Talking with the stars. Give me a break I've been doing self -- since 1981. And back then and have digital cameras they had film cameras. So you didn't get -- -- back until a week later neither got a degree didn't get it. More recently I tell somebody hey I invented the self pity if -- such a thing is inventing it. Certain look at me like and -- Usually I don't go around blowing my own horn but in this case I thought. I better do something or -- all end up as road -- on the history highway and not leave my kid any legacy. I decided to step up to the -- And it's. Now maybe I invented the -- the end maybe I didn't. But I almost guarantee you that -- the first person ever did it was celebrities. I was an unheralded cameraman most of my life. But it didn't give me access and famous people from almost every field of endeavor. When the self focusing camera came out. I wondered if it was possible to take pictures like the -- Well. But -- I was wrong. My first effort wasn't exactly -- -- or in. My technique needed work. Run -- Eventually muscle memory caved -- and -- it was -- running. The best thing about shooting celebrity in this way is that it made them chummy here and they actually. Generally. In fact I called them silly shots. That term -- took off -- rocket. I -- practically everybody this way old friends who. Family. All animals and droids. Captains of scholarships. Captains of industry and all but there really -- necessarily. -- Music people. Politicians. Politicians' wives and nobody else was doing this spectrum so it was pretty unique -- And liberal -- the guy lose so much for me shooting from Playboy. Gene Simmons the first one all Spartacus. Who married couples. Madison Mary who lives who. Morgan Freeman Morgan Brittany Stacey key Stacy Keebler Robert Staten Robert here. Terry DR -- DR and -- -- -- yearly school Mickey Mouse Valerie Bryant and Valerie Harper Shelley Long and Shelley Duvall Mel Brooks Garth Brooks Betty White manulife Cinderella net from jail Roger Moore Roger Rabbit comes Telecom -- -- Garrett -- sort of -- who. -- -- -- -- -- -- Filled DB deputy will be woody goofy Antonio Amelio -- Fabio coaching and -- and state and -- masked man more weatherman from the holy man Leachman. Doctor Hauser who -- collect Durham. I got him to sign a bottle of GE MG. -- -- Royce signed my organ donor card. So there it is my attempt at fame in mortality and a place in history. Music by the guy and my guest house -- Paul the second was really a lookalike named -- great act.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Hollywood cameraman claims he invented the celebrity selfie in 1981.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24593262","title":"The King of the Selfie","url":"/GMA/video/inventor-selfie-king-selfie-claims-invented-celebrity-selfie-24593262"}