Investigation Begins in KOMO Chopper Crash

Family and TV anchors express shock and mourn the loss of the two people killed.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Investigation Begins in KOMO Chopper Crash
Now to that deadly helicopter crash hitting very close to home in our ABC family. The news helicopter from our station komo-tv went down during a busy rush hour and burst into flames killing a veteran cameraman and the pilot and Neal Karlinsky has the story. Good morning. Reporter: George, good morning. We're here at komo-tv in Seattle because they are a part of the ABC family. People here who spent the day yesterday covering the story while very publicly grieving. This morning, the ntsb is investigating what caused komo-tv's helicopter and its experienced crew to suddenly crash just after takeoff. We have report of a helicopter into the space needle down on the ground now. Cars involved on fire. Reporter: It was around 7:40 A.M. Right alongside the space needle where the chopper hurtled towards traffic. I heard the crash, boom. And it took like two seconds for the flames to burst out. Reporter: THR engulfed. The street. Motorist jumped Ou of his & critically injured. The C wit body on fire. Reporter: Kille on impact, beloved veteran photographer bill Strothman and pilot Gary pfitzner. We just can't Bel he's gone. Station's windows. Anchors could barely contain themselves reporting the news that their friends were gone. We have reached the point here we can talk about the two this will be a very difficult time. It is a tough day already and this is even tougher. Reporter: As the wreckage was haul add way late Monday an ntsb team began its investigation and a close-knit family of journal IFS did their best to honor the two they lost including Strothman's own son also a KOMO photographer. I'm not nearly as good as my dad like I never will be. He was able to find the human connection in everything he did. He was just a gentleman, a true gentleman. Reporter: So, so hard for people here. The cause will take some time to figure out but investigators are zeroing in on one clue. Eyewitnesses heard a noise and the helicopter began to rotate just before crashing. George. Our hearts go out to them this morning. Thinking of our KOMO family, indeed.

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{"id":22965353,"title":"Investigation Begins in KOMO Chopper Crash","duration":"3:00","description":"Family and TV anchors express shock and mourn the loss of the two people killed. ","url":"/GMA/video/investigation-begins-komo-chopper-crash-22965353","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}