Apple Thinks Thinner and Larger With New iPhones

Apple's Tim Cook and Phil Schiller introduce the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
4:16 | 09/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple Thinks Thinner and Larger With New iPhones
Okay. These -- the new iphones. The iPhone six. And the iPhone six plus they are without a doubt the best -- we've ever done. And I hope you would gritty. They're the best phones. You had ever seen. To tell you all about -- I'd like to invite Phil -- brought to the stage bill. Good morning everyone. And welcome back. I am honored to represent the whole team be the one to tell you about these incredible. New iphones. They're designed like nothing ever before. Incredibly unique. From the glass front the curves around the sign. To -- seamlessly. But the -- -- -- to aluminum back complete. With stainless steel apple it is truly. The most beautiful phone. You have ever seen. And from the start the team is envisioned. The new iPhone six would come up with to display sizes. But not any display would do. These are new generation. Retina displays. We called them rats and HD. And they -- -- far the most beautiful displays ever built in telephone. There -- -- in every way. They're incredibly bright the colors are stunning are accurate SR -- accurate. And across from the top to the -- on the team has worked hard to make -- the best. We know all from their eye on -- glass all the way down to new thinner backlights. -- -- with incredible innovations but just give you one example the LCD. That displays all your beautiful colored photos is made with a technology called tool to -- pixels. And these pixels the -- government very broad -- you with accurate colors. They're simply stunning alike any displays ever on the phone. And yes they're bigger. There are a lot bigger. Here on the left is an iPhone 5 else in the center iPhone six and on the right now iPhone six plus. You can see the difference. And if you don't know here exercises. Four point seven -- Brock -- 65. Point five inches for iPhone six points. And -- -- they packed with pixels. 1613 34 by 750 that's more than the 720 HD display. And that went six plus. 1920 by 1080 full 1080 display. Have been even higher density. What's remarkable -- these displays -- with Sony pixels. The new iPhone six I'm -- some parties on the now has over one million pixels. In a phone that's an incredible incredible density. An -- went six plus over two million pixels. To mega pixel display. These -- larger they have more than the five deaths in fact the success. 38% more pixels the six plus a 185%. More -- from the August. So huge displays packed with pixels. But here's the real that to the done in bones thinner than anything we have government. Just six point nine millimeters thin compared to seven point six for the fight death. The six plus seven point one both thinner than any phones we've ever made. -- took an incredible amount prevention. Stunning displays. Larger more pixels but thinner than ever before. And they are incredible and imaging -- -- content. Contrast this hire the blacks are darker than it angle of view with broader. Your photos look gorgeous and has more to see on each of them.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Apple's Tim Cook and Phil Schiller introduce the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25381356","title":"Apple Thinks Thinner and Larger With New iPhones","url":"/GMA/video/iphone-6-and-iphone-6-plus-introduced-by-apple-25381356"}