Iran Nuclear Negotiations Collapse, Optimism Remains

Secretary of State John Kerry unable to secure a deal during the first round of negotiations.
3:00 | 11/10/13

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Transcript for Iran Nuclear Negotiations Collapse, Optimism Remains
what hapned there. Ginger, thank you. Staying overseas there, there was controversy, after all of the talk, the negotiations for a historic nuclear deal with iran have collapsed. Some optimism remains. Alex mar kwad has more. Reporter: The key players were there in geneva including secretary of state john kerry n the end they didn't agree on the details. Kerry told reporters late last night, the meetings had been very productive. But the window to diplomacy wouldn't be open indefinitely. Here in jerusalem this morning, a big sigh of relief, the prime minister called the proposed plan bad and dangerous. Much caution and skepticism is needed before anything is signed. Dan, bianna? Alex, our thanks to you. For more on this let's bring in the host of "this week," george stephanopoulos. This has angered israel. What are the risks for obama right now. The risks are doing a weak deal that preserves iran to break out and continue on their nuclear weapons program. One reason that secretary kerry did not sign on, pushed by the french in geneva, they have to make sure that before any sanctions are lifted that iran takes concrete steps that they couldn't violate the deal in a couple of months. In the end, it will come down to can you trust the iranians? You'll need serious inspectors on the ground to verify it. So, let me talk about domestic politics, you got governor chris christie on the broadcast this morning, this is a very much a man in the news, on the cover of "time" magazine, they called him the elephant in the room, a little bit of controversy with this, as he considers a presidential run, just having been reelected in new jersey, what are the challenges for him? He has several challenges. He also has a lot of momentum coming out of that big win. Attracting votes from women, african-americans on the other hand, he has to find a way to, you know, reach out to independents and moderates without alienating the tea party. He'll be able to raise a fair amount of money. The other big challenges for him, how well his temperament travels outside of new jersey. We'll find out. Lot of questions. Very excited to see your interview, george. A reminder, don't miss george going one-on-one live with chris christie this morning on "this week." Ron claiborne with the morning's other top stories. Good morning, everyone.

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{"id":20842841,"title":"Iran Nuclear Negotiations Collapse, Optimism Remains","duration":"3:00","description":"Secretary of State John Kerry unable to secure a deal during the first round of negotiations.","url":"/GMA/video/iran-nuclear-negotiations-collapse-optimism-remains-20842841","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}