Isla Fisher: Taking on 'Gatsby' Role was 'Terrifying'

Actress discusses her role in "The Great Gatsby" and reveals the best, worst parts of motherhood.
3:30 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Isla Fisher: Taking on 'Gatsby' Role was 'Terrifying'
Thrilled to have I -- picture here she plays myrtle Wilson a woman from the wrong side of the tracks cut up in a love affair with a very wealthy Tom Buchanan. Tremendously take a look. No big. Not -- -- we'll get a kick out. It's -- -- And bonds I would view. Get on the next thing. Yes. Can get could be content wherever you work. -- here to talk about The Great Gatsby the great pilot Fisher and it's fair to sell in that scene. It's really where the action starts it's really where we see. What these characters are gonna become -- also it's again a part of an iconic novel yet your approach. What did you think. -- -- -- of -- -- CB kids anytime you take on you know such an iconic an American classic that's going to be a litany fans at a Gannett and being disappointed by what you do is so it's always. While not -- -- confess my Donna at eight yen terrifying but at the same time BC's. -- -- lemon and that he's directing as Mimi says you know what you rain for you know it's going to be up -- and huge magical and thank tactic and a and B music -- -- -- at the same time contain real enemy elements like you know I love triangle and -- need to shut down of the navy. But says yes it's a war of -- exotic hot chaser is CGI kind of -- which is. Yet it is right for as some have bought us and yet he in -- yet it's very particular -- to get through yesterday talking about how he showed him a real. Of what he kinda saw the movie being how did you approach the research. You know what the bad guy with a stack and let you check you know we read books summits on the -- -- you know the -- ago on the on the you know women's role in -- -- -- -- on. You know the great depression and even on Fitz -- -- relationship with his wife Zelda and -- the study's lead is back to build a -- Yeah I mean we just -- -- the got a mixed into the -- and -- it's just such. An incredible to -- that he's the kind of guy he'll give you an iPod it sounds for the music and he loves -- At this and say you feel so specialty -- in my Anthony's wife Catherine. Not -- is a phenomenal influence it's very much the two of them and she did all the costumes and the set and it's just wonderful thing hasn't all oddly it. Is it do you do you feel a special kindred in connection. With Batman -- I read that he was -- -- -- this going back to Romeo and Juliet Milan rouge it seemed as inspired choice as. We saw. On the screen completely underneath he can handle be sad today he only deals and the themes of love and and what's great about this book in this -- -- you don't send -- be things in this eat it needs pace. Yeah -- relevant today social strata vacation yet greed ambition the reinvention of -- And yourself on to succeed you know -- this sets for extent of the happiness to external means and that is the exact fastened to take on something like this and make it -- -- and fresh and fun and cool and it's been as a -- -- -- -- It did the party scenes. -- can't believe but really get what we need your -- careful about movie. Takes off the pitch he -- Congratulations and down by the way also going to be in the new season of Arrested Development yeah I'm also very excited come -- you are incredibly busy. May tenth and that is the day this film hits theaters nationwide do not miss it.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Actress discusses her role in \"The Great Gatsby\" and reveals the best, worst parts of motherhood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19073706","title":"Isla Fisher: Taking on 'Gatsby' Role was 'Terrifying'","url":"/GMA/video/isla-fisher-interview-onthe-great-gatsby-working-leonardo-19073706"}