Jacintha Saldanha Dead: DJs Under Fire Following Nurse's Death

Jeffrey Kofman discusses the death of the nurse who was duped in a prank call.
3:00 | 12/08/12

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Transcript for Jacintha Saldanha Dead: DJs Under Fire Following Nurse's Death
though, with what should have been a joyous week for the royal family. But news of kate's pregnancy was overshadowed by her hospitalization for morning sickness, a prank call that duped two of her nurses. And then, the suspected suicide of one of those nurses. This morning, the boss of the two australian deejays behind this prank is now speaking out. And abc's jeffrey kofman is in london on the story. Jeffrey, good morning to you, sir. Reporter: And good morning to you, dan. An outpouring of indignation, what we're seeing around the world as news of this story spreads. And nowhere is it stronger than in australia. All of it focused on the two radio presenters behind the hoax call. This is 9 news. A sydney radio station is tonight at the center of a firestorm. Reporter: Amidst an outpouring of anger, the radio hosts behind the prank have been taken off the air at sydney's today f.M. The company they work for refuses to fire them or contempt them. It's to be drawing conclusions from what is really a deeply tragimatter. Our main concern is for the family. I don't think anyone could reasonably foreseen was going to be the result. Hello, there. Could I please speak to kate, please. Reporter: The prank had been cleared by the radio station's lawyers. And just yesterday, the two deejays had been gloating about the successful call to the hospital, in which they pretended to be the queen and prince charles. And were able to obtain personal information about the duchess' condition. We expected to be hung up on. We got put through. And now, the entire world is talk. Reporter: As the australians learn of the suicide of the nurse at the private hospital where the duchess was being treated, revulsion engulfed the two radio hosts. Their twitter account has been suspended. You scumbag. I hope you're happy now. The receptionist you rang has committed suicide. You have blood on your hands now. The nurse, known to friends as jess, had been working at the hospital for four years. Originally from india. Her distraught husband posted this on facebook. I am devastated with the tragic loss of my beloved wife, jacintha, for the circumstances. The sydney radio station famous for the pranks and outrageousness is now facing an advertising boycott, as australians lash out against the deejays. In an effort to preempt that of a full boycott, advertisers have suspended on the station. And it's worth noting that this station had been called to account twice already this year for violating australian broadcast decency standards. Jeffrey, thank you. Your hoes out to her door husband having to make sense of all this. With more reaction to the tragedy, including how the royal family is dealing to the news, let's bring in our royal contributor, vicki arbiter. We heard that the royal family issued a statement expressing their condolences. But what are your sources telling you? It's been an overwhelming week, for william and kate in particular. They were forced to make this announcement early. Then, there's the added anxiety of kate being ill. The whole world talking about the intimate details in terms of her body and the baby. No one could have imagined a conclusion just like this. The couple are very distressed. William will be carrying a sense of responsibility. They were at the hospital. Their royal protection officers could have done to control phone calls being handled in this way. I don't think we'll hear anything else from the couple because it takes attention away from the family when they need their privacy. I think moving forward, it will be interesting to see how william handles the media. Curious about kate's psychology in particular. This mess and the controversy about the nude pictures that surfaced a couple months ago, do you think she's finding being a royal is tougher than she imagined? I think the last couple of months have given her a rude insight to the other side of royal life. But it's done is show us she is the perfect person for the job. When that scandal turned up, she did what the royals have trained to do. She showed up. She did the job at hand. She didn't comment. She handled herself beautifully. We have to focus on a complicated pregnancy. Can only imagine this is going to be a shielded and guarded royal king and queen, whoever this baby is. Absolutely. All this stunt has done is fuel williams' william's mistrust of the media. Now, with some of the other

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{"id":17911919,"title":"Jacintha Saldanha Dead: DJs Under Fire Following Nurse's Death","duration":"3:00","description":"Jeffrey Kofman discusses the death of the nurse who was duped in a prank call.","url":"/GMA/video/jacintha-saldanha-dead-djs-fire-nurses-death-17911919","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}