Jaden Smith Talks 'The Get Down' on 'GMA'

Smith, Shameik Moore and Justice Smith are live in Times Square to discuss their participation in the new Baz Luhrmann series.
5:04 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for Jaden Smith Talks 'The Get Down' on 'GMA'
We are with the stars of the "The get down." Baz luhrmann's new series about the rise of hip-hop in the '70s. Follows a group of teens in the south bronx. This clip they're getting ready for an emcee battle. It is definitely different. Not commercial. It's good anyway. It is garbage. Don't listen to him. Everyone deserves to hear this song. Just sit down, man. Thank you. We got a battle to prepare for. Boy, listen, the get down. You hear that get down part? Crazy. But this could be our secret weapon. Ooh-hoo. Give it up for mooshameik Moore, Jaden smith and justice Moore. It looks like a lot of fun. I haven't seen that scene. I haven't either. That comes later on in the episode. That scene is awesome. So, Jaden, with baz approaching you about this, about hip-hop in the '70s, bronx and all that, what was your first reaction. I mean I was totally in because I saw that this was going to be educational for people that were watching, especially the youth that doesn't, you no he, always know exactly where hip-hop came from and the Mecca of hip-hop was really in the bronx in 1970s. All that was going on during that time. The landlords. 100%. The death of disco, you know, hip-hop rising. The landlords, buildings burring down so it's interesting to look back into history and see, you know, what the state of the world was in that time or the bronx, which it's the world to our characters. Did you all have to have a little like boot camp? Yeah. A little crash course. A big -- Baz's team was awesome and provided us with a bunch of resources in terms of like books and movies but we also have a boot camp with Curtis blow and -- Grand master flash. Yeah. Raheem from the furious five. Where they taught us graffiti, break dancing, rap. Justice had to go into lik learning how to dance. The hustle and do the hustle. Bus stop. Bus stop. Do the funky chicken. Funky chicken. You knew it. Yeah. And your music, I can't wait for your new music. "Positive vibes." That's the name of it. Did you let baz hear it, grand master funk. He heard something but I didn't play it for him. I'm reel lake -- only Jaden and justice have heard it. I haven't -- It's fire. It's next level for sure. It's next level. But you don't want everybody to hear it until it's just right, is that it? I just want it to be like, what, you know what I'm saying. I want it to be so like seamless. The way we present it. Everybody is waiting for it. You guys went to the premiere, your dad's film, "Suicide squad." "Suicide squad," yeah, 100%. He's bad. Oh, yeah. Literally. In that movie it's amazing. I love that movie so much. Like seeing him up there like playing that character is just like very, very next level. Yeah, never seen him -- The way he was hitting that bag, whoa. Great to see you -- and let's lay the rumor to rest here. You two are not related, both last names smith. Yeah. We don't know yet. We haven't been on ancestry.com and checked it out. We don't know what's happening. Didn't you play a joke. It was like not -- nothing official. I wasn't planning to do it but, you know, it's same last name, you know, so I told baz he was like talking to us, he was like Jaden is coming in next week for read through for one of the episodes and I was like, oh, yeah, that's my cousin and he was like, oh, really? Yeah, yeah, that's my cousin, oh, okay just trying to play it cool and two minutes later I told him. Told Jaden you didn't remember. I wasn't there. No, I told you the story later. Yeah, you did. You told me you had the same last name as me and I was tripping out. Yeah. All look sharp and you know you have a lot of attention with Louis Vuitton and bless you for standing up and, you know, I always feel that because you did that, that if a young person goes to school dressed like that, that maybe -- was that your motivation, they won't get bullied. I'm trying to take the front of it so kids later on in history can wear whatever they want to wear, a clown suit, it's fine. Whatever it is, you know what I'm saying, that's why I wore a Batman suit. Bully me if you have to, take the attention off the kids that are like young that are just trying to figure out what their fashion sense is going to be. That's it. Well, you did that. Hey, Jaden, thank you all. Appreciate it. Are we going to move -- Yes. Part one of "The get down" premieres Friday, August 5th. Ah. Time to do a little hustle. ? ginger, you don't want to see this. Ginger. Don't know how to do it.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Smith, Shameik Moore and Justice Smith are live in Times Square to discuss their participation in the new Baz Luhrmann series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41082774","title":"Jaden Smith Talks 'The Get Down' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/jaden-smith-talks-gma-41082774"}