Jameis Winston Accuser's Lawyer Wants 'Heads to Roll'

Pat Carroll, the lawyer for an FSU student who accused Winston of rape, says there will be a civil suit.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for Jameis Winston Accuser's Lawyer Wants 'Heads to Roll'
We begin with jameis winston, florida state quarterback had the gail of his young life monday when I led the seminoles to the national championship. That has not stopped the woman what accused him of sexual assault and pursuing her case. Abc's matt gutman has the story. Reporter: In monday night's bcs championship jameis winston seen to sidestep this effortless leading his team to victory. But also the 21-year-old heisman winner may once again face a more formidable foe than the auburn football team. Does that mean we'll see a civil suit. You absolutely are going to see a civil suit. Reporter: Last month an attorney general says there wasn't enough evidence to charge winston but overnight carol told us in an exclusive interview that her client may still target winston in a civil suit and not just him but members of the tallahassee police department, as well. You know what you're looking for. I want to see heads roll. Reporter: She says tallahassee pd was negligent? Its handling of her 20-year-old client's case. You cannot have law enforcement that is not held accountable. Reporter: She says her client endured the wrath of florida state football fans who learned her identity despite her trying to remain anonymous. You say you've received threats. What kind of things are people saying? You're going to die. I'm going to kill you, that kind of thing. Reporter: Winston's attorney acknowledges the two had sex but claims it was consensual. But in new video tallahassee pd released tuesday accuser's friend jenna weisberg who called police on the accuser's behalf tells a different story. Her roommate trying to get him to stop. He walked in and he was like -- he was like, stop, she doesn't want to. Reporter: This morning while her classmates celebrate the championship winston helped secure carroll says authorities warned her client not to return to the school she loves. Could she ever? I specifically inquired. They both looked at me and said absolutely not. Reporter: Representatives of both tallahassee pd and jameis winston did not respond to abc news' requests for comment but last month tallahassee pd said it took the case seriously and conducted an investigation based on information available at that time. For "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. Thanks to matt for that. Now the newest member of our team, ryan smith. He'll be breaking on the big cases with dan abrams. Welcome. Good to have you here. Thank you. I love that quote. I want to see heads roll. What was the strategy behind this flurry of civil lawsuits. The first is the jameis winston part and it's an interesting case because when you think about it, the standard of proof is much lower than you would have in a criminal case. Criminal case is beyond a recent doubt. Here let's say she says he sexually battered me or falsely imprisoned me. If that's the case the standard of proof, it's got to be more likely than not true. It's easier to prove in a civil event. Easier to prove in a civil venue. The issue will be she may have to identify herself and testify under oath but it's something that they can do to -- prosecutors found a lot of holes in her story. Yes, that's true and that's why I think it's unlikely that you'll see a criminal charge come from any of this. You think about it like this, the state attorney looked athe this case and saw holes in the case and didn't believe he could prove the elements of the crime alleged. So if they can't do that in good faith, they can't bring a case and their hands are tied. I don't think you'll see any more things in the criminal venue. Trying to put real pressure on the police department. Right, right, and that's going to be key because that's a tough one. You go the to prove a civil rights claim so essentially she's saying you made the case more about me than about him and you didn't listen to my accusations. You didn't -- because he was a football player, you've got to prove a pattern of conduct so that it's not only happened to her but happened to other people and therefore you should be liable. How about winston? Does he have any legal options? He has legal options but i don't know if he'll take them. He could say she depapered me. You said something that was false, you're ruining my reputation, but sometimes when you do that and this is a practical thing, sometimes when you do that, you bring more attention to yourself so the last thing you want to do is do something like that, maybe you're going to say hands off, i just want this to go away. Makes a lot of sense. Okay, thanks a lot. Sure thing, any time. And you're up. 13 days old. New daddy. All right. Now to the shocking death of

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{"id":21459006,"title":"Jameis Winston Accuser's Lawyer Wants 'Heads to Roll'","duration":"3:00","description":"Pat Carroll, the lawyer for an FSU student who accused Winston of rape, says there will be a civil suit.","url":"/GMA/video/jameis-winston-accusers-lawyer-interview-fsu-rape-accusers-21459006","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}