Will Jameis Winston Face Rape Charges?

Florida state prosecutor is expected to announce if the college football star will be charged.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for Will Jameis Winston Face Rape Charges?
Now, to the latest on the sexual assault allegations against jameis winston, the florida state football star, who is a heisman trophy candidate. Prosecutors say they will announce today whether they will bring charges. Abc's matt gutman is here and has the latest. Good morning, matt. Reporter: Good morning, robin. This announcement could change the lives of both jameis winston and his still anonymous young accuser. If he is charged, winston's college football career could be over. If he's exonerated, it could end with a heisman and a national championship. It's not a pass on the gridiron but a conference that could determine jameis winston's fate later today. The state attorney on the case will announce whether or not the florida state seminoles heisman hopeful will face charges of sexual assault from a fellow student, just a day after winston was named conference player of the year. That attorney telling reporters wednesday, we think we've exhausted all investigative tools. On tuesday, he said his investigation was not based on a football schedule or anyone else's calendar. It was a reference to the quarterback's campaign for the heisman trophy, which goes to the best college football player, nine days from now. I pressured him to hurry the investigation. I know the media has the questions. And I know he has a desire to get this off his plate. Reporter: That decision on charges coming as winston's florida state seminoles secured the top rank in college football for the first time in 13 years this week. If jameis winston were to be charged with a felony, he would not be eligible to play. Reporter: According to the police report, the accuser was raped in december of 2012. It took her a month to identify winston. But when she did, her attorney says detectives warned that tallahassee was a big football town. And that the alleged victim needed to think long and hard about a complaint because her life would be made miserable. Winston's attorney acknowledging the two had sex but insist it was consensual. He would like to put closure to this. Reporter: Most legal analysts agree that if winston were to face charges, there wouldn't be a press conference. The state attorney would have arrested him by now. And despite allegations, jameis winston is still the favorite to win the heisman. A lot has been made of the timing. Prosecutors have maintained that has nothing to do with their actions. They just got this case a few weeks ago. This has been a long-time investigation. But from this perspective, just the prosecutors, they've only been formally investigating this for a number of weeks. They're saying, look. Back off, to some degree. All of you suggesting that this is somehow related to the heisman or to the championship game, et cetera. This is, in their view, a very typical investigation in a high-profile case with difficult facts, where they need to take a little bit of time. But they've now come forward. And I give them that credit to that degree. I don't believe that the timing here is somehow connected to the championship game or the heisman voting, et cetera. The length of the investigation that we heard in matt's piece, that the alleged assault took place december of last year. January, she identified winston. February, it was ruled an inactive case but not closed. Is that unusual? And does what -- is it the victim or winston -- how are they affected by the length of this? It is unusual. But remember, let's distinguish the police department from the attorney general's office. You can criticize the police department and say they should have done things that they didn't do. They shouldn't have done things that they did do, et cetera. Now, it's in the hands of the prosecutors, which is almost a separate investigation. Have we been given any indication what might happen today? Most people watching this think there won't be charges. But we'll see. We'll turn to the fntic

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Florida state prosecutor is expected to announce if the college football star will be charged.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21107749","title":"Will Jameis Winston Face Rape Charges?","url":"/GMA/video/jameis-winston-rape-charge-decision-announced-21107749"}