Jane Fonda on 'Responsibility' Playing Nancy Reagan

"The Butler" star discusses her iconic role in highly anticipated civil rights film.
4:00 | 08/12/13

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Transcript for Jane Fonda on 'Responsibility' Playing Nancy Reagan
lee daniels' the butler boasts six oscar winners, including forest whitaker, oprah winfrey, and jane fonda as fancy reagan. Take a look. I would like to invite you to the state dinner next week. I'm going to be there. No, not as a -- not as a butler, cecil. I'm inviting you as a guest. But the president prefers me to serve him personally. Don't you worry about ronny. I'll take care of that. We'll see you next week. You and your wife. My wife? It's gloria, yes? Yes, ma'am. And we're so delighted to have jane fonda with us this morning. Welcome to "good morning america." Good to be here. Nice to see you. What was that like the play the iconic nancy reagan? It was great. It was fun. It's a big responsibility. How do you feel having seen it? She told friends of minithat know her that she was happy i was playing her. I think she'll be pleased. Because that really did happen. She really did invite the butler. She was like a chief of staff. She was the one that wanted to have the summit with the russians and, you know, a smart woman. I was nervous because I really wanted to do my little thing properly for her. What I did study was her speech inflections and how she talks. It is remarkable. It's not a big role, but it's very impactful. I just wanted to be in the movie. I love it so much. It's an important movie. You do learn a tremendous about in the course of the movie. You get taken in as a human being whatever your race or et nis si into the story. And -- just totally absorbed. What was it like being on the set with all the incredible agenters. An extraordinary group of people. Were you able to spend time and bond? Yeah. Inspite of how long I've been in the business and how old I am, when I'm in a situation like that, I feel like a tieenager. I was only there a day and a half. It was jam-packed with excitement. Oprah is outstanding. Let's talk about oprah. I forgot it was her. When you're oprah, it is hard to disappear. She looked so wonderful. Hard-drinking, hard-partying party girl. Seeing her with a cigarette. Congratulations on your emmy nomination for "the news room." What a blast to be there, too. Wait until you see what happens to my character at tepid of the second season. Oh, stop it. So much fun. Leona lansing is the character. You own the show. Who to you model it after? You think rupert murdoch mare fa -- marinated in ted turner, my favorite ex-husband. In an interview, you said l leona probably slept with a lot of people. When somebody is that powerful, there's a lot of testosterone. Usually a big sex drive. I used to think that someone like that wouldn't have time. Then I met ted. You find the time. You find the time. Leona finds the time. "The butler." Fantastic film. Jane fonda, thank you for visiting and all the wonderful work you did on "the news room." I would shake your hand but -- how about a high five. Check it out. Lee daniels' "the butler." In the theaters on friday.

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{"id":19935167,"title":"Jane Fonda on 'Responsibility' Playing Nancy Reagan","duration":"4:00","description":"\"The Butler\" star discusses her iconic role in highly anticipated civil rights film.","url":"/GMA/video/jane-fonda-interview-2013-actress-responsibility-playing-nancy-19935167","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}