'Let's Get Physical' star Jane Seymour on bonding with Jane Fonda

Seymour recalls working out to Fonda's exercise videos before meeting her and shares details of her new comedy series.
4:52 | 01/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Let's Get Physical' star Jane Seymour on bonding with Jane Fonda
Right now, a great guest to bring to the breakfast table. An emmy-award winning actress. She's been a bond girl. A wedding crasher. Dr. Quinn medicine woman. She's starring in a new comedy series, "Let's get physical." The one and only Jane Seymour. ??? Hi, welcome back. Nice to see you. Good to see you. Absolutely lovely, my dear. Mwah. Nice to see you. Whoo! Always good to be in your presence. And, boy, following you on social media. Because this show is about the physical finance you know, kind of movement. Yes. Aerobics. Aerobics. You don't hold back. Can we show what she posted? She's teaching us aerobics. Watch. This one. Comedy. So you can see. But, then I do the dirty dog and a few others. I did. I did. They said, can you remember any moves sni said, I think it was like this. I started doing it. My hip went out. So that's what made it funny, I think. I can't do it anymore. I did notice in the background, a thighmaster. A pink thighmaster. You were part of that craze. I was. I did the Jane fonda workouts. I ended up, when I was pregnant with Katie. I did the Jane fonda pregnancy work out and I ended up on the cover of her book. Nobody knew I was an actress. When we did the photograph, she turned to me, wait a minute, aren't you an actress? I said is that a problem? I said, your name is Jane Seymour fonda. Mine is Jane Seymour Flynn, it was at the time. We bonded. The horizontal stripes. Way to go when you're really fat. You want to see some My old rival. My Barry cross. Her name is Mary Kate Murray. Mom. What did you do to her? Cut her brake lines. Spent two months in a hospital. Now you come here in a disguise and make her serve your food cups. Unlike this cantaloupe, victory has no expiration date. I wear that short blond crop wig. And, yeah, she's very manipulative, a manipulative mother. She'll do anything to make sure her son, played by Matt Jones brilliantly, will do what he needs. It must be fun to use your comedy chops. Sflit was. When I did "Wedding crashers" nobody thought I was funny. I read that kitty cat scene and -- How can can you miss? Our producer was telling me. 25th anniversary of the premier of "Dr. Quinn, medicine woman." Isn't that amazing. I know. Congratulations. She was so beloved. In the beginning, people were not quite sure. I was pretty much guaranteed it would not be a series. Women in the lead would not work. It was a western. It was a period piece. It was family values. And morality. All those things apparently. All those awful things. It's still playing in 98 countries. Around the world. Anywhere I go, new generations are discovers "Dr. Quinn." Joe Lando and William, we're still really close. I love that. People go nuts. We still have our costumes, you know. It has occurred to us we should just make it in the backyard. You should maybe do it. Your open hearts foundation was inspired by your mother. You're helping so many people. We hon yored you. You helped so many people. People take a challenge and turn that into a positive to help other people, that's what it's all about. You were one our our first recipients. Make your mess your message. I loved being in your home. It was great. We're just having a moment here. Oh, are we still on? "Let's get physical." Wednesday night.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Seymour recalls working out to Fonda's exercise videos before meeting her and shares details of her new comedy series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52513365","title":"'Let's Get Physical' star Jane Seymour on bonding with Jane Fonda","url":"/GMA/video/jane-seymour-dishes-lets-physical-live-gma-52513365"}