Janet Jackson Engaged to Billionaire Boyfriend

Grammy-winning singer just got engaged to one of the few men with a greater net worth that her.
2:23 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Janet Jackson Engaged to Billionaire Boyfriend
The big news for superstar Janet Jackson she's engaged to her billionaire boyfriend. And Paula is here with all of the latest details Paula how -- you go girl he's in nine years her junior made his big. Aliens in luxury brands -- -- in the younger richer but just as private this spraying ms. Jackson is set to marry and they spared no expense is a fair. To her beau of two years. The 46 year old superstar who once take great pride in calling yourself ms. -- -- Is about to become a missing -- for the third time. Us weekly is reporting that the lucky drew devious qatari born billionaire we -- Al mana. The 37 year old -- -- reportedly gave Jackson a huge expensive brain over the summer which she keeps locked up so she won't lose it. The couple is planning to tie the knot this spring and a lavish ceremony in Qatar. It will be a very lavish affair they're going to fly in all of their family and friends. And that's going to cost a pretty penny the youngest member of the famous Jackson singing dynasty has seven assemblies and more than twenty nieces and nephews. Whether all of the talented but combative family attends remains to be seen in the pair -- been dating for two years in 2010. She hinted at their relationship to Robin Roberts. He's -- very. And pregnant man himself I I don't talk about our relationship but I think I really think it's important that I just say days. Different -- to -- -- home very very look into it. Jackson who went staying privacy is her middle name. Has certainly lived up to that when it comes to -- love life just eighteen when she -- -- with the singer James did barge and annulment followed a few months later. In 2000 her marriage to Renee Ellis -- and did. And in recent years she's been spotted out and hung out with music producer Jermaine Dupree. The on again off again relationship of seven years and and right before she met. El mana she's having to put all of that behind her now and start a new life. We really can't emphasize just how private she is Janet -- her marriage to her second husband. For eight years of fact that this is now out there that's their lives while they look happy we just want to see the --

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{"id":18073660,"title":"Janet Jackson Engaged to Billionaire Boyfriend","duration":"2:23","description":"Grammy-winning singer just got engaged to one of the few men with a greater net worth that her.","url":"/GMA/video/janet-jackson-engaged-billionaire-boyfriend-wissam-al-mana-18073660","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}