Jason Bateman Prepares to Make You Laugh in 'This Is Where I Leave You'

Actor best known for "Arrested Development" takes on another dysfunctional family in his latest project.
4:16 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for Jason Bateman Prepares to Make You Laugh in 'This Is Where I Leave You'
Nothing like a funeral to bring a family together. And then, tear them apart. That's the premise behind "This is where I leave you." A comedy coming out this summer with an ensemble cast. And we welcome Jason Bateman to "Good morning America." This is my family. Your family in the film is quite interesting. It's almost as big as this. And they're very, very funny. Very talented cast. It was very easy work to do. I want to show a sneak peek of it. Let me just set it up with this. You play the middle son, jud. Your marriage is falling apart. Your father just passed away. Sounds hilarious. And you're going to spend a week sitting shiva with your sisters and your mom. It sounds like putting the fun in dysfunctional. We're a very dysfunctional family. It's pretty funny. And pretty heartbreaking, too. We're getting together for our father just passed away. But it's -- it's kind of a great excuse for the whole family to get together and have all these issues come up, which are equally heartbreaking and hilarious. Here's a first look. Thank you for sharing with us, by the way, of "This is where I leave you." A first time. Dad's dead. Wht7 hi, sis. Mommy. What's different about her? The boobs. She had a touch-up. Your father had one final request. And we're going to honor it. He just wanted his kids under one roof. So, for the next seven days, you are all grounded. Mom, close that robe. They're just breasts. Same ones you suckled with. Those are not the ones I nursed with. You have bionic breasts. Circle of life, everybody. Go, altmans. How often do you get to say that to Jane fonda. Yeah. Those are something. Those things have their own trailer. That's a true story. Were they prosthetic? You're going to have Jane on the show at some point. And she can answer that question for you. And knowing Jane, she'll enjoy every second of it. Yeah. She was great. She was a lot of fun. Also, Tina fey. What was it like working with her? That was terrible. She's a misery. We play brother/sister in the film. And I was very, very simple. She does feel like a sister. We get along great. I love the description of this movie. Sort of like a group hug crossed with a battle royal. Where are the quotes you're getting? That's request "E.W." A battle that sounds like a drink. It does. There is some drinking in this film. We just shot the trailer. I am just here from under the trailer. If people like it, we're going to shoot the film. Wow. Everybody, can we do this?xd that's a lot ofñi work to put in for a trailer. We have to make it happen. As you can see, it was fun. Absolutely. And Jane, and those bionic you know whats. Your fans are asking a lot of questions. What's your favorite comedy of all-time. You've been in so many. I like the king of comedy, a martin scorsese film with Robert de Niro. A long time ago. That's one of my favorites. It's not slapstick. No. But it's hilarious. And one more. If you don't mind. This is India. She wants to know what kind of role or character you enjoy playing most? Oh, I don't know. Anything with a fun cast is pretty great. We had a good crew on this one, as well. It's mostly about the people you're around. The part doesn't really matter to me. It's about the process. We have a great cast here. And this guy wants to work with a great cast. Can we make it happen for him, please? This is where I leave you. Jason Bateman, out. September 12th. Thank you so much for being with us. Always a pleasure. And coming up next, we have

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{"id":23894577,"title":"Jason Bateman Prepares to Make You Laugh in 'This Is Where I Leave You'","duration":"4:16","description":"Actor best known for \"Arrested Development\" takes on another dysfunctional family in his latest project.","url":"/GMA/video/jason-bateman-prepares-make-laugh-leave-23894577","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}