Jason Collins on Calling Off Wedding With Girlfriend

First openly-gay professional athlete discusses evolution of accepting his sexuality.
5:49 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Jason Collins on Calling Off Wedding With Girlfriend
Of course, coming up here, the trail blazer making so many headlines, social media, twitterverse was ablaze yesterday and rightfully so with the announcement from 12-year nba veteran jason collins that he is gay. That is a barrier broken in professional sports, the first active athlete in a major american team sport to proclaim. In "sports illustrated," it hit online yesterday morning, had an immediate impact. He has now received a remarkable amount of support including from president obama, the first lady, president clinton, so many fellow players which may have been the most interesting of all yesterday. George flew to l.A. To speak with him last night and, george, second part now of just a remarkable conversation with a remarkable young man. Boy, he sure is, josh. You know, you talk about all that support he received yesterday interest the world. What matters most to him is the support he got from his family and takes us through the process of coming out to them one by one. His aunt, his twin brother, jarron, his parents, his uncle, this was a difficult decision for him but he said that their love and support is what gave him the courage to come out to the world. He is now the pioneering figure in all sports. His announcement sending shock waves across courts, fields and stadiums. Jason collins coming out proudly to the world the first openly gay athlete to play in a major team sport. An outpouring of support including first lady michelle obama and former president bill clinton. The 34-year-old veteran nba player wrestled with sleepless nights, all over the agonizing decision to live his truth. You write that you endured years of misery. Well, when you keep telling youre, at some points you buy your own cover story like I guess like a cia spy or something. Did you think you might grow up, continue to play, grow old, get married, have a family and never come out? I knew that I tried everything in the bk as far as trying to convince myself, you know, to lead the life that you should. You were engaged to a woman at one point. Yes, and calling off the wedding was obviously a tough decision, but it was the right one because I knew I wasn't getting married for the right reasons. You first came out to your aunt. She was the first family member. I have a special relationship with my aunt. I love my parents and my brother and everyone else in my family but there's just something about the way that I get along and just relate. You said she always knew you were gay. Yeah, she -- known for years. Yes, and she had her suspicions about me, but she was extremely supportive and, yeah, she's a judge in san francisco, so I guess she's good at reading people. Your brother jarron, your twin brother. Twin brother. I'm eight minutes older, yeah. He didn't know. No. How is that possible? I am really good at playing it straight. No, you know, maybe he needs to hang out with my aunt a little more. Get a discerning eye like she has but he's been incredibly supportive to the point where he's almost like I always had that big brother role. I was the center -- eight minutes, after all. Eight minutes is an eternity, but, yeah, I've always had that role on the team of being sort of, you know, the quote/unquote enforcer, and I sort of, you know, was protective of my little brother who happens to be close to seven feet and, you know. Now he has sort of taken on that role of being, you know, protecting me. It's interesting, you know, you write about how age of 12, first time you're allowed to listen to rap, hip-hop. Yeah. And that's when you really felt the difference from your brother. You didn't get his attraction to women. Well, I think -- yeah, all kids around that age, around puberty, you know, you start noticing things and, yeah, there's a difference obviously between us. What are you expecting from your teammates, you competitors when you step back on the court? For my teammates I'm expecting support because that's what I would do for my teammates. A team is like a family. The nba is like a brotherhood and I'm looking at it, we're all -- support each other on and You're hoping otherrs follow your example now? I hope every player makes a decision that leads to their own happiness, whatever happiness that is in life, I know that i right now am the happiest that I've ever been in my life. You know, jason adds that he's single. Now he says that's all people need to know but he did tell me that one day he would like to be married and have kids. He said why not? That's what life is about. Indeed. You could tell, h at peace he is. Yeah. And how -- I remember reading, he said he was sleeping well for the first time, keeping all that in was his so hard but now sleeping like a baby. And you can tell. He's a remarkable, open and clearly now as he said very happy man. Thanks for traveling out there. Now get on home. Get on home. We'll see you tomorrow, george. See you tomorrow. Facing your worst fear. Something you keep inside of you all your life and feel like the entire world is going to turn against you, even your family so congratulations to this young man who at a very young age decides to come out.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"First openly-gay professional athlete discusses evolution of accepting his sexuality.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19072598","title":"Jason Collins on Calling Off Wedding With Girlfriend","url":"/GMA/video/jason-collins-interview-2013-gay-pro-athlete-called-19072598"}