Jason Patric Wins Big in Court Battle

The judge's ruling brings the actor that much closer to seeing his little boy again.
4:09 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for Jason Patric Wins Big in Court Battle
And mini-robin. Happy chocolate chip day. Jason patric won a heated custody battle in a ruling to vyiie ING seeing his son. Patric is here after this landmark decision. Jason patric is one step closer to being recognized as this boy's father, after a court of appeals ruled he could seek paternal rights over his 4-year-old son, gun. After the relationship shriver told the court that patric never signed a birth certificate. A judge agreed and ruled patric was only a donor under California law, barring patric from seeing his son. Patric testified in front of the California legislature, saying home videos like this one move that he's been a father to Gus since day one. I have to be Gus' voice. Reporter: In response to Wednesday's groundbreaking decision, Schreiber's league team told ABC news, we are exploring our options and should make a decision shortly. Jason patric joins us now, along with his attorney, Fred silverburg. Take us back to that moment when you found out. It was just surreal. It really was. It's been 64 weeks since I've seen Gus. And I always believed we were going to win this appeal because it was just wrong, the decision. And I had faith in the process. 64 weeks since you've seen Gus? Last time I saw him, yeah. The last time you saw him, he said, I'm missing you, dad. And you said, I'll see you tomorrow. In his mind, I disappeared. And I didn't tell him the truth. Do you think he understands what's going on? No. And that's one of the problems when you have a parent alienate a child. They isolate them. And they're not able to act articulate that. They blame themselves. It's a horrible form of abuse. This is the first step in your legal battle. Why don't you tell us about what's going to happen next. Now, the case is back in the same position before it was the trial court ruled he could not proceed because he had provided the sperm to a physician for insemination of an unmarried woman. We're going to go back next week and ask the court reinstate Jason's visitation. He was spending time with Gus pursuant to a court order, while the case was pending. We're going to deal with that phase. And there will be a trial set on whether he meets the standard of holding the child out at his own. The first step is you want the chance to visit your son? I need to see him. I need to hold him. I need the connection, yeah. Then, to make the case, you should have custody again. One of the things that came up earlier in the trial, at the very beginning of the whole process, you did sign a document giving away your parental rights? No. That's actually the other side. It's actually misinformation was the opposite. I signed forms at the ivf clinic that says intended parent. That was put out there. There's no document that exists that I had given up my rights. If I ever wanted to do that, if that was the agreement, I would want to sign a document like that to protect myself financially. It was the opposite. We had a great child. And for 2 1/2 years, it was wonderful. You want to be a dad? I have been a dad. I'm going to continue to be a dad. You can't ever abandon a child. If you win this case, this could make a big difference to many donors across the country. Well -- He's not a donor. That's the issue. We never said Jason's a donor. He didn't donate sperm in that sense. He went to a clinic with Danielle to have a child together. We don't want to characterize him as a sperm donor. But the issue is, the law has been clarified and changed. And these two competing statues have been reconciled. And that can have a ripple effect across the country. So many states have the same statutes in effect.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"The judge's ruling brings the actor that much closer to seeing his little boy again.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23728268","title":"Jason Patric Wins Big in Court Battle","url":"/GMA/video/jason-patric-actor-wins-big-court-battle-son-23728268"}