Jason Segel Discusses Experience Making 'Sex Tape'

Actor joins "GMA" to talk about his character's attempt to rekindle a previous romance.
4:58 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for Jason Segel Discusses Experience Making 'Sex Tape'
I've been looking forward to this. Jason Segel spent nine seasons, of course, on the hit sitcom "Love Marshall." Brought "The muppets" to life and gave up the breakup scene, am I right. In "Sex tape" he and Cameron Diaz play a couple trying to rekindle the romance by scheduling some, let's say, alone time. Maybe Thursday. Fantastic. It feels like it's been a long time. It has, right? Last time when we got those towels from bed, bath & beyond, the linen sale. We can't talk about this right now -- Not the right time. Got to get going. Been so hard to find a moment at the end of the day we're exhausted. Tell me about it. Maybe one of these nights we'll have sex instead of watching "Project runway." We'll tivo That's probably why they invented tivo so people could have sex. We're happy to have Jason with us, one of our stage managers evi is laughing along. Welcome. I'm excited to be here. Thank you. A lot of people -- it's a great date flick and be back in the car just nodding along going, yeah. That's the hope. I think on the ride back from seeing the movie you'll talk about how funny it was and then there will be that awkward pause and then a couple will look at each other and the real conversation will start that I think it's really easy to slip into a routine after so many years of being together of not putting your intimacy at the forefront of the relationship so hopefully it'll spur some conversation. I'm Se it will. I love how you've said as a great screenwriter life experiences, you kind of put that up on the screen for all of us. I think for me what's always funny when I see something on screen that makes me feel like, objection, my gosh, that's me and then that person has the most humiliating experience that you could possibly imagine. You can't wait for the ending and write it down and make sure you get it. There is so much more to this. I really enjoyed watching it. Thank you. Okay, "Sex tape" and, yes, it is hilarious, that portion of it but it's just like a mad caper in some kind of ways and you're trying to retrieve the video or the tape on the iPads. I grew up loving movies like "Romancing the stone" and "Adventures in baby-sitting" so it's a story about a couple trying to reclaim what was theirs like their love life over one night and it really is like a nonstop sort of mad cap adventure where a couple refalls in love. Rob Lowe, oh, my goodness, he was -- He's a killer, man. He just the best. But I have to say you and Cameron, she was here yesterday and she could not say enough great things about you, but there's this comfort level and you both approach comedy the same way, all in. Yeah, she's very physically attractive. I was -- I was like very -- I was very lucky in the making of this movie. You become a writer for a reason and this movie is it. And then, you know, you get to set and honestly, it felt like a game of comedy chicken and neither of us were turning the wheel of the she's just so -- she's so game and use the expression just one of the guys but I think it does a disservice to women. She's a woman standing on her own two feet going at comedy as hard as I've seen anything. Honor to be part of. You both hold your own on the screen and talk about how attractive she is. You're getting some raves too. That's nice. Because you look fantastic and you talk to jimmy Kimmel about it. We have a question on posted on Facebook. How much weight have you lost? Was that for the movie? You talked to Kimmel about this. Yes, I don't get on a scale. I judge by the mirror but I lost exactly 35 pounds. The Muir he told you that. Yeah, yeah, something like that. You said knowing that you would be up there with Cameron. The movie needed to be in my opinion really laser focused that it's a couple who is not sleeping together because of time and the realities of life and children and I didn't want people to be able to look at the poster or the movie and say, I think that they're not sleeping together because he's super fat. You've taken that out of the question. No one would have thought that at all. Thank you. Also you're going to be an author. Yeah. Yeah. What's that? It's a young adult like harry potter age trilogy of novels. It's the first thing I ever wrote when I was like 22 years old and after working on "Mupp "Muppets" and seeing the imagination of a child and how it works, I just figured it would be neat to put something in print where a kid made whatever he wanted of it. Every individual kid gets to have his own experience as a kid. When does it come out? September 9th. I'd love to have you back to talk about it. You're such a renaissance man. I'm not afraid of being terrible at stuff. That's all. That never happens to you. Thanks very much. "Sex tape" hits theaters nationwide Friday.

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{"id":24564763,"title":"Jason Segel Discusses Experience Making 'Sex Tape'","duration":"4:58","description":"Actor joins \"GMA\" to talk about his character's attempt to rekindle a previous romance.","url":"/GMA/video/jason-segel-interview-2014-actor-discusses-experience-making-24564763","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}