First Look at J.Crew Bridal Jumpsuit

As more brides go nontraditional, what's to become of the wedding gown?
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for First Look at J.Crew Bridal Jumpsuit
now to a story about brides going nontraditional with their wedding gowns, but is the latest trend not a dress at all. Josh, you've been waiting for this and sara haines is planning her own wedding. Congratulations. The hot, new look. Do explain gorgeous gal. As I embargo on this craze i is world of wedding planning i chatted with kena minor about a hot new trend down aisles everywhere. The bridal jumpsuit. Miley cyrus and jennifer lawrence rocking it with the jumpsuit and a staple in the kardashian closet making their debut down the wedding aisle. We are seeing a lot of destination brides consider the jumpsuit. A lot of brides who are getting married for the second time. Reporter: Reality star kim had three looks for her wedding to her husband. Can any figure pull these off? There really is a jumper out there for any girl and at any price point. Reporter: At idea brides" magazine headquarters I saw five different jumpsuits including this price savvy j. Crew number at $750 but, ladies, not so fast. Right now it's only available for preorder. This we love is by lanvin, very chic. I love the pop of sparkle at the waist. This is by revini. This is by victoria an very feminine and formal. Reporter: With a price tag of $2900 that's about the same for a traditional gown but would you wear one? I think they're really cute and really awesome brides are taking a twist on the traditional -- no, absolutely not. When I wehear of a jumpsuit i think of flying out of an plane. Reporter: If you're not jumping at this how about another route? A jumpsuit a great look for the rehearsal dinner or the brunch the day after. I wonder if I could get my bridesmaids to wear jumpers? I think yes and I think they would thank you. Reporter: Two of my bridesmays are my sisters. One thing I like best if you don't wear it down the aisle you could wear it to the rehearsal dinner or the brunch. Or the reception after. Exactly. Part of your outfit. We have a couple over here. You'll notice the middle one is the j. Crew one getting all the buzz. So -- it is very beautiful. Well, the key is people keep asking would you do it? She said you have to fit it to your body and none of these fit my body very well. So if these three are my options, I cannot wear it. The whole idea. A lot of fun you about i think you're right. Yeah, like maybe as another -- do a little dancing. Hey, congratulations. Thank you. You got engaged. We didn't know that. I like to sneak it up on people. Would you like to see my hand? Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you very much. So, sara, that's awesome news. Now we have some more for you. Gabrielle union is back here live revealing her everyday secrets for looking great, and, boy, does she ever. She's got a ring too. You should compare. And jumpers, stay with us.Begins.

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{"id":21459621,"title":"First Look at J.Crew Bridal Jumpsuit","duration":"3:00","description":"As more brides go nontraditional, what's to become of the wedding gown?","url":"/GMA/video/jcrew-bridal-jumpsuit-fashionalbe-wedding-gown-alternative-21459621","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}