'Jean Machine' Promises a Perfect Pair of Pants

New technology takes shoppers' exact measurements and recommends a fit for their body.
3:34 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for 'Jean Machine' Promises a Perfect Pair of Pants
To the first new technology that can help us find a perfect pair of jeans. It takes your measurements and then recommends the right style of jeans and fit for your body. Abc's rachel smith who is host of "on the red carpet" put the machine through the test. ♪ Reporter: And endless stacks of style, colors and trends, finding the perfect pair downright daunting. But behold, meality setting up shop in malls across the country. We found this at bloomingdale's in new york city ready to show us the top three trends for spring. Colors, prints and floral. You take a look at this thing and almost -- denim and in less than 30 seconds you can step in. It will give you the perfect recommendations. Mealit sends out harmless radio waves that bounce off the moisture on a person's skin collecting over 200,000 points of reference to get the perfect scan. You can resort between rise, length and price. Dangerous. Dangerous. Oh, yes. We enlisted stylish daredevils to take on the machine. Three "gma" staffers, alex, nissan and danielle. Problem areas. Wider hips and shorter legs and definitely recipe for For me it's the hips/leg ratio. Whatever fits me in the hips will not fit in the legs and vice versa. I have a little bit of a butt and trying to find the right jeans. Reporter: With that let the scan and search begin. 247. Have you ever tried any of these. 20 pairs. Oly cow, 20. Wow. Let's get to it. All right. I like these. Ooh! Let me see. I love the cuff look. Wow. Those are hot. They fit pretty well. Oh, my gosh. Spring. I like the color. Jean genius, turns out for these ladies meality is really a miracle worker. Rachel smith, abc news, new york. The meality machine is available at bloomingdale's and nationwide. It's free. Right now bloomingdale's is the only one with this machine but it's available for men and women for tops and sweaters and skirts and much more coming up. All the jeans you're seeing are from bloomingdale's. Danielle and ali, it tells you according to your body type what fit and size. Yes, what brand you should be wearing and what size you are. What did it you. It told me what size I am, 26, told me the length so it tells me if you should wear a skinny leg -- did you find it was accurate. It worked for me. Yeah, both these jeans we're wearing now are -- no more taking six pairs into the dressing room. It gave us three pair and tried them on and they all fit. I'm wearing spring colors. This is like the new trend, black and white pattern. Funky. These are particularly slimming. You have the patterns. Ladies, you look gorgeous. Thank you. Over to josh.

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{"id":18931630,"title":"'Jean Machine' Promises a Perfect Pair of Pants","duration":"3:34","description":"New technology takes shoppers' exact measurements and recommends a fit for their body.","url":"/GMA/video/jean-machine-promises-perfect-pair-pants-18931630","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}