Jennie Garth's List of Easy 'Weekend to-Dos' to Improve Your Home

The HGTV "Jennie Garth Project" star shares her favorite DIY renovation tips.
4:36 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Jennie Garth's List of Easy 'Weekend to-Dos' to Improve Your Home
port and rockport as well as signal problems for the gre Greenbush line. Don't forget to download WCVB's new weather app. Get realtime weather alerts. View our storm team 5 weather alerts wherever you go available for the android and apple devices. We'll have another local update at 8:56. Stay informed throughout the day on our website and check out it done in weekend. How is your house coming along? My house is finished. Will we get to see the done? They just sent me a picture last night of the pool. And it's hot pink. And that's what I wanted. It's the girls' retreat. Yep. You have done this all. You are leading the project. Yes. Definitely. Certainly pushing it along every day and trying to do whatever I can to get it done. You know? Get -- I want to get us a home and get my girls grounded. Very important. It does personalize a home and make it feel special when you're finding things that you create. I start with this. Love this idea. These track doors use to be expensive. And you can pick this up. It's all ready to go. I love that. So modern. And you can take these vintage doors. You can do it either way, modern, this is a little more of a country look. Easy to do. This was done in a weekend kind of a project. Gives you a little privacy when you need it. You can get the tracks at a home improvement store. These are space savers. They don't open. And you don't have to chop into your wall to get pocket doors. Right. These are the simple way to get a door. I love the reinvention or reuse of doors you were going to scrap. Or make them out of ply plooiwood. Easy to find and buy. And making your own -- I find things I like and make it. Yes. Because why not? This is all very mono chromatic. I -- just images that represented something to me. I did this image that I found somewhere. S it like, three circles of my girls and sort of all of us together. Okay. X marks the spot above my bed. Okay. I wanted to show you this, this is a way to do something. Painters tape is the best. Put the painters tape on there and paint it right up. And the clean edges, and the painters tape comes off. It's magic. I have rolls of this stuff. It's fantastic. Easy, get the canvass at the home improvement store, you don't have to go black and white. You can use the painters tape. Really fun and easy. Exactly. Talk to me about tile. You can find remnants at home improvement store. Tile is intimidating to people. You don't need to hire someone. You can do it yourself. Tile comes in so many different, beautiful options now. In my house I used sea glass and glass tile. But this is so beautiful and affordable. And it's easy to do. I was looking on the back of this package. It literally gives you directions on how to lay tile. This is like a big sticker. Yeah. And this one's a sticker, even easier. And then just add the fill grout. You fill it, white or gray that's -- Go with white. Go white. Go crazy. White is hard to clean. Gray is the new white. Just declared it right here. I love this too, a little bit of chrome, modern feel. Tile it up, T but not least, nobody thinks of the medicine cabinet expect Jennie Garth. Tell us what you did. You can actually buy this intact, this whole piece. And put it in your wall. Cut out a space and pop it in. It's the easiest thing ever. We have added some abstract wallpaper to give it dimension. It's fun. It just adds a little feminine touch. You can use contact paper, foolproof. And a glue adhesive. Can you tell I'm into this? This was a more modern look. I would love in my house. And it's ready to go. These are just a few of the ideas you'll see on her show. Thank you for sharing them. It's called "The Jennie Garth project," airs tonight on our friends, H dprks TV. And to give step by step instruction on building a modern book shelf, go to on

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The HGTV \"Jennie Garth Project\" star shares her favorite DIY renovation tips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26397079","title":"Jennie Garth's List of Easy 'Weekend to-Dos' to Improve Your Home","url":"/GMA/video/jennie-garths-list-easy-weekend-dos-improve-home-26397079"}