Stars Shine Light on Mental Illness in Series of Short Films

Jennifer Aniston, Bryce Dallas Howard and Brittany Snow star in "Call Me Crazy."
3:26 | 04/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stars Shine Light on Mental Illness in Series of Short Films
Jennifer Aniston Bryce Dallas Howard Burton -- the driving forces behind the new lifetime movie call me crazy. Five short films tied together in -- way that could change the way you think about people struggling with emotional disorders. ABC's nick -- had a talk. This stand they're content just pulled off perhaps Hollywood's unlikeliest production of the year. They just made a movie about difficult topic on a low budget and they made it -- -- feud Jennifer Aniston the Hollywood -- Take goods. -- taboo subject or topic and trying to. Tell stories that are. Entertaining. And humorous the informative. The result line of interwoven tales the mental illness Aniston is executive producer and I kept them waiting for you to be -- And you were -- that cut. Melanie -- pops up and punchy little cameo and computer make you feel better to be with the mainland. -- -- -- The minute you say OK you going to be an -- fifteen seconds. The U gets thrown against the wall and see if it sticks and SAS or they say no among those who said yes Jennifer Hudson Mulder and families -- highland. And Chelsea and that Bryce Dallas Howard yes star of twilight director of wrong directs the first part -- for you -- mean this this is. Fairly present moved given what you went throughout the birth of your child. People don't really know how to respond and -- I experienced this. -- -- -- She's not recovered from postpartum depression she's got two kids and a successful Hollywood marriage. Remember -- Aniston recently got engaged in the wedding rumored to be just around the corner and any marriage because there. I'll make an SU I he don't think I'm in any position yeah I -- -- to anybody about anything they -- I. -- Say. Yeah. Exact same thing. Brittany Snow is the star -- -- Powerful performance is a Lowell student with schizophrenia the hardest line for you to live in the -- must've been when you're talking to your onscreen sister and saying and -- -- And the -- is actually very poignant -- -- BC -- he keeps him. But yes. -- Nosed character makes it brutal school ultimately helping -- a veteran -- ED SD get a life thanks to -- -- specifically want your case. Shooting case. And of course not every story ties up in a perfect know. But the point of -- that we're trying to get across in these -- films is that there's hope Aniston says she wants to produce more wants to direct. Any time left for attitude. I'm not getting give up acting -- too much fun things Selena I can still. Yeah I love it kick yeah I can often think I'd like to quit TV revered in game two underpants I would say that -- That broke their argument that but I can see it like you know let's just moved to you know France or Italy and open up a little antiques store break ups. He passed us at Aniston's antiques and Justin making the Constance sounds great. In pictures for Good Morning America and it won't ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":18987944,"title":"Stars Shine Light on Mental Illness in Series of Short Films","duration":"3:26","description":"Jennifer Aniston, Bryce Dallas Howard and Brittany Snow star in \"Call Me Crazy.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-aniston-dallas-bryce-howard-brittany-snow-inteview-18987944","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}