Jennifer Aniston on the 'Challenge,' 'Excitement' of New Film 'Cake'

Former "Friends" star talks about de-glamming for her dramatic new role in "Cake" on "Popcorn with Peter Travers."
11:34 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for Jennifer Aniston on the 'Challenge,' 'Excitement' of New Film 'Cake'
I. I took. And had. Why it dawned on me. You're more than with perhaps. I. Sort of acumen so not the potentially union resistance. I didn't. A life. I see it. You're not dead. Not to break and called police who. It's. And I just couldn't said he wanted to come on. Help us. In. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's happening now called me. It's about a character who is guard she's in chronic pain. It's very dramatic for her but also she can slap in the face of it some time anyway. It is a performance that is got Jennifer Aniston nominated for sag award. Critics' choice award at Golden Globe and I think that when you see here in this you're going to see her give a performance that as a kind of. A bruised emotion in it and it kind of amazing grace so I'm really happy and beautifully here and it just guys who have seen so my work is done I love as you. Acted. But why has attracted. To that I mean this isn't. I'm Nancy took part that you haven't played anything like before rule she is suicide oh yeah because of the pain that she's in and the tragedy that I'm gonna say yes while many people. Who haven't been one in ghosts and yes yeah. Off and it's it's why do they think of you. Who said they didn't that's Jennifer Aniston. Well arcade that hit. That that you know it was our it was an it was offered to someone else that when I read it and entertainer industry now. It wasn't Merrill measured by a street beat beat out Meryl Streep I just add please let. We have a moment if this the opportunity present itself in this doesn't work out and sure enough. For many what was lucky for me was at Daniels. Barnes our director. He kind of thought that was X and I never thought of that sort of an unexpected way to go and he loved the good girl and he started things went my favorite performances Mary Tyler Moore and ordinary people that he was challenging excited I certainly was challenged in excited and then. So we all connect took risks and and would you know chose to be bold and I will forever be grateful to him because it has allowed me kind of really. Prove to myself. Even not that the industry is not necessarily allowing me to. Play those parts because no too much baggage too much when it's what this thing. Will you. His famous too too too too much attached to you you won't disappear you won't let. You know two in in not rat for the right ways you know it sort of dean that tabloid. Crap that follows you which you don't apostolic Smart if you've gone. It in and for no real reason and mainland let the people beat Balladur who actually want to be followed an but so it's it's you have a lot more kind of hate to cut through in order to sort of saying I promise you if you give me a shot I will work my ass off and I'll do this. And I I I also believe friends. It being in people's living rooms every day and it goes way it doesn't go so you're constantly work. Might and of that wonderful shallow and end but its ten year you've got to. Swanee wood from the starry we knew when the in the for friends yeah hit you to think the episode that you wanted the judges to look at. I think you give them three options I think you yap a reaction you give three scenes that you feel felt good about that season. And they luckily tuning them what you do it yeah but one of them it was the giving birth. All welcome Robson and all those great characters that payment in Munis are Maggie Wheeler. You know and everyone was giving delivering before Iowa has been I was getting pretty pissed about it and think who accuses ID summits. What's the moment for you when you look at that case. That stays with you for you not because it's the best scene in the movie but because you looking you in it and say. I'm I'm I'm it. Least satisfied. With that one. It's true. Well. I love this scene where is a tree on Andrea on a place Silva the housekeeper caretaker Scott mother sister and mother everything. And she let Sam into the house I say you can't keep letting people just come into the house and then she tells me that she invited him over for lunch and I. Have to kind of mask my curiosity of what he said. And then also that I've kind of excited about that what did he say. Say yes. It you are not nominate. For an Academy Award for seemed to know the expectations are since you went to all those other things do you have a moment where you. Give yourself thirty seconds of the small tear. Not a no tears no to you know tears I it was. Probably a 32 mom and oh well. And then. You really have. It's it's one it is you find yourself in this tricky little spot of light you don't want anything I don't care trying to think about it. Not not my motivation. That almost and you get wanton that and that Elson and it feels nice. Sort of early Phil's not to get a little nod here and there so it didn't help would be human and have a little bit of a made these. But last very long I mean I started to get warm beautiful. Wonder I mean emails and phone calls. Probably more for not getting a nom nation and forgetting that what we did have backed off that isn't well this is really loudly. Why don't like this. Three movies of viewers that I should watch that will tell me something about what you want to be as an act. Not that you think they're the best but. I'm gonna see it now I'm gonna see you chose these for reason and so they mean something to. I'm gonna say the good girl in the break up. The creek up we roommates. And friends of money. Another man. I think because I work here Rhone style I can remember all my lord waved oh now come on that was the cover it's still. A mom the top three most successful covers we've ever had. You sort of pioneered the bear but cut the car dash eons. They can just look in week that was deliberately. I don't think it don't do it vehemently. I mean further rate over that can now what was the reaction. Oh I was bored and notify us they always the point great well I was 26. And I paid. Wheeling west believe again and these are all the years he's learned and go oh OK don't. When they say it's we're gonna blurred out it'll be and they'll be out of focus and I'll be sitting on the sign in nearly. Equal the artistic dispute. And then it's actually not that it. I was absolutely it'll bowler. It was a little blurred with a little Hayward little blurry. That there is you know I just. Remember mine my dad and I was just thinking oh my lord my dad. And then. I spoke to him and he's he said is actually quite turning. But of all that is that for nothing but yeah I'm a little embarrassed at first but then. You have she's with ran. To his most about it. Yeah and torture issues from torture here yet. These these agencies shape of art feet when these these cannot come off the tip again that you have right that's Norman that's my dog that passed away. The left Norman I'd never had attacked you and I thought I'd never in my life would ever again at one end when he died. At fifteen years old I'd how can I just what can against him. That will be permanent and and immortalized and there are then you know tech to any Rossini everywhere you have another dog I dream of me. That. A Dolly is a white shepherd who was around when Norman. With what they were best friends. She's a white German shepherd from we rescued from T one. And then there's another pit boxer mix that we rescued couple years name's Sophie and analyst com. Junk man named Clyde he just looks like Tyler rags and Haines partly rescue and there. There are the most and detained mean that we we find them extremely entertaining we. Jog like when you feel the kid videos people do we we do the men four victory people song to produce. So ends in song 00 really everybody's things. It it. Tell the trip is for L I wanted to come from. Have many songs in my heart it's dead and oh god I'm. Simply dead inside of that nomination that didn't happen really not up there are off off. There are no songs since. Asked the beasts on it on the song they know I. I don't know. If you aren't that song is nudges I had I want it I want to beat that song. You must finish our. There must be something just comes at bubbles up inside me to express your July singing to the puppies. Outfit I make up sounds and the looking better and made up songs of the puppies only guide. Like the idea. Away there where that counted the idea ago. I thought I thought my client. Daddy daddy. Can get tested the money. I love that my dances and well it didn't look ready. I want to find out where. It is burying its toys. And that brings back dirt ball and sewer beautiful living.

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{"duration":"11:34","description":"Former \"Friends\" star talks about de-glamming for her dramatic new role in \"Cake\" on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28433702","title":"Jennifer Aniston on the 'Challenge,' 'Excitement' of New Film 'Cake'","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-aniston-interview-2015-cake-actress-challenged-excited-28433702"}