Jennifer Aniston Throws Birthday Blowout for Fiance

Kate Coyne discusses stories that have had Hollywood talking.
3:33 | 08/12/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Aniston Throws Birthday Blowout for Fiance
Adele's first acting gig and the big birthday bash for jennifer aniston. Kate coyne to help us out. All the a-listers going to jennifer aniston's house. Could this be the preview of the wedding? We were hoping it was the wedding. We thought there was a chance it would be a surprise wedding. In fact, once all those a-listers started to arrive, that's how we got our first tip it wasn't going to be the wedding. Jen and justin say, when they get married, small, family, only close friends. No offense to the people we saw arriving yesterday, they possibly will not be on the list. This was a much more a-list fair than the wedding they're likely to have. They said they want to keep it really sh real really small. But hot and heavy. All is well in the world with their relationship? I didn't think 42 was a big year. Maybe it is now. You know? Yeah. Catered and the whole shebang. Go ahead. You get right to it. I was going bring up adele. Adele, we'll see her on the big screen it looks like? Possibly. I don't know if I would hold my breath for this. The director of an upcoming spy film has said he would like to cast her as the villain. It remains to be seen. A megadirector. Matthew vaughn. He would like adele, david beckham, and matthew vaughn. So, it's nice to have dreams. Any -- insight on why he's going for nonmovie stars? Obviously, anything you can do in the crowded market the bring eyes to your film is a good idea. Adele making her acting debut would be a big draw. I'll say. Meanwhile, prince william bringing the royal nanny out of retirement. Jyeah. I don't think anyone thought they would have zero help. They have public roles. They have to be out there, have to be traveling. I doin't think anybody thought they would be doing it with baby george in a baby bjorn. I think that he would bring the woman out of retirement, it's big. The nanny would raise the baby? That was in the old days. We're not seeing that. Bringing somebody out of retirement would indicate they're not hiring someone they want to be there 24/7. Were you as crazed about the royal baby as we were? I watched you. I was interested. Like even else. Pouring rain. It is an exciting time, right? Definitely. I love the idea of having somebody you have comfort with. Another level of care. I know a baby is not a possession. A little bit of privacy in a private time. Kate, thank you for the insight into the world that goes pop. And also, on the "heat index"

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{"id":19934511,"title":"Jennifer Aniston Throws Birthday Blowout for Fiance","duration":"3:33","description":"Kate Coyne discusses stories that have had Hollywood talking.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-actress-throws-birthday-blowout-19934511","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}