Jennifer Hudson's favorite part about working with Adam Sandler

The "Sandy Wexler" actress discusses the new Netflix original film, plus her son's love of Michael Jackson.
7:25 | 04/17/17

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Transcript for Jennifer Hudson's favorite part about working with Adam Sandler
see and hear. And everyone is excited. Because our next guest is a true dream girl. Now she's preparing, starring alongside Adam Sandler in the brand-new movie, "Sandy Wexler." Give it up for the one and only Jennifer Hudson. You look great. Thank you. Long time no see. Love. You got the shoes on now. I have to give you some -- How are you? I'm good. Oh. Come on. It has not been ten years since "Dream girls." Sit not ten years. And 15 since "American idol." 15? I was 22 when I did "I doll." I'm 35 now. Y'all do the math. But you know what, it seems like you have always been in our hearts, our lives. This new one. Adam was here, Adam Sandler, he was singing your praises. What was it like working with him? Oh, lord. It was the absolute best. I have never heard someone say J. Hud more in my life. J. Hud. Adam. It was the most fun. What did he bring to the table? It's just the family vibe that he brought. Like -- he's just so realistic. I got to learn so much from him. Like -- What did you learn from him? He was also like not only an actor. The director. I know Steven was the director. But one minute, we're in character. The next second, it's like, is he a director right now or is he in character? I had to be on my toes. He had a whole writing crew to work with. I had five director at one time. Giving me like ten different notes. Hold on, this is my first coffee. Give me a second. I'm listening. It's not the pairing you would automatically think of you pp but you guys had a little chemistry. Is there we did. I think it's because we're both virgos. His birthday is September 8th. Mine is the 12th. We have the same kind of synerjy. Adam said there was a kissing scene. You have a son David who is 7. Yeah, he was -- I was going to ask you. What was his reaction? He was like, mommy, why are you kissing him? And Adam's kids are like, dad so do you have to kiss her in the movie? He wrote the script. I'm here to do my job. The kids are never -- you have to say it's make believe. You have to do that. One of the themes in the movie is about love at first sight and that was also a little bit involved in another movie we love, the sex and the city movie, you play Sarah Jessica park parker's assistant. Another great one. We like to bring questions to the table. Do you believe in love at first sight? I never thought about it. I guess so. Do you? Do you? Worked for me. It did work for George. My wife and I met in April, engaged in June, married in November. You guys knew. You knew right away. I feel Luke I fall in love every day in New York City. Oh. We feel like you do, too. A lot of people washingtonlking around New York City. Didn't someone want your attention in the audience on the break? Yeah, I paid her. There was an article in "Bustle" they took a survey asking men and women if they believed. 71% of men and 62% of women believe in love at first sight. They say it doesn't always lead to lasting love. It can convince you the stick around. Do you believe? Love at first sight? Absolutely. She was like, oh, yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Saw that. We know who the love at first sight when you saw your son. Can't believe he's already 7. I know. We heard him singing happy birthday? Is he following in the footsteps here? Rmgts it's so interesting to see what he's gravitating to. He's exposed to so much. But his passion is -- he's more confident with dancing. But now he's sipging. That's a good combo. He wants to do that. I treat him the same as my mama did with us. Whatever makes you happy, go for it. Big fan of the king of pop. Big Michael Jackson fan. I was like, what about mommy? You're okay. But Michael Jackson. Is that sad? We, as parents, how did I do? Jt you know what we haven't done yet? Seen any of the movie. Let see a little bit. You're going straight to the top. I think with all the other beautiful stars. Show me which star I am. You want to know which star you are? Yeah. Let's see. You are that one right there. Sandy, that's an airplane. I know. I told you you were going places. That's real smooth, sandy. How did you not crack up? Oh, I did. They edited it all out. I would be constantly laughing. I did. Like, he is hilarious. Did he show up to the set with that voice? It was part of the character. When it was there, again, that's what we started with. Let me introduce you to the voice of sandy. And that laugh is the one. Ha, ha, ha. I'm like, somewhat that? Now my son has a habit of doing that. I'm like, no, don't you start that. No, no. Bad dreams. You're so multitalented, multifaceted. The music. The acting. Do you sometimes, I mean, we're talking about 15 years since "American idol." Ten years since "Dream girls." Do you look up and go, like, wow? God always gives you a little bit for than you ask for. One person said god gave you acting as a reward for honoring your gift of singing. I was like, wow. Again, I'm great to feel be able to do what I love to do. And -- I can't complain. And you're not going anywhere. ??? I'm not going ??? I thought I could get her to sing a little bit. A new video last week. It came out. What else is -- do you look forward to? I'm going to start a tour in the uk this fall, which I'm looking forward to. Come see me now. And then, obviously, finishing my album. I'm writing as well. Writing my music. Working with some amazing song writers. So that's, you know in the works. I love it. You're so deserving. "Sandy Wexler" guys. So funny. And Jennifer Hudson, ladies and gentlemen.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"The \"Sandy Wexler\" actress discusses the new Netflix original film, plus her son's love of Michael Jackson. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46835970","title":"Jennifer Hudson's favorite part about working with Adam Sandler ","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-hudsons-favorite-part-working-adam-sandler-46835970"}