Jennifer Lawrence's Dress: SAG Awards Wardrobe Malfunction?

Paula Faris reports the latest on the Christian Dior Gown worn by actress.
3:35 | 01/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence's Dress: SAG Awards Wardrobe Malfunction?
Cannot wait for that. We have important business to clear up. We have to get to the bottom of this once and for a we saw jennifer lawrence at the s.A.G. Awards. We saw the dress go down. And come right back up. This morning, we have an official explanation. Christian dior laid the ground. They're setting the record straight. And paula faris has the details. Reporter: She won for her role in "silver linings." This morning, there's a silver linings. Did it rip? Reporter: On her way to the stage, 23-year-old jennifer lawrence, has her couture dior gets caught under a chair. Watch her reaction, as she nearly falls. And then, a flash of skin. Lawrence, brushing off the incident with our chris connelly. Did you do anything with your dress as you went up the stairs? I fell on the ground. I don't know if they got that on camera, did they? I totally forgot. This train is going to murder me. Yeah. Somebody's chair got stuck on my train. Reporter: What actually happened? The internet lit up, demanding answers. Was there a wardrobe malfunction or a flaw in the fabric? Not so says the de. The dress is made with different levels of tulle and satin. That's what viewers saw when jennifer lifted her dress slightly. As bradley bayou points out, strutting down the catwalk is different than walking in reality. She would never have a reason to lift this dress up. You never would have known that. Reporter: There is a silver lining for lawrence. I will never look at pictures. E only true way to happiness. Reporter: For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. Let's get more on this, now, from -- more? Even more. Lori bergamotto is here from "lucky" magazine. That's the true fact. It's just the construction of the dress. There was no wardrobe malfunction. Lara's agreeing with me. That dress was meant to slide down the runway. You were never meant to see that. It's a sheer lining of the dress. The reason that jennifer lawrence was panic-stricken was because she knew you weren't supposed to see that. And she had just tripped. It was kind of coming apart in the middle. But the dress is three different parts. While it wasn't a wardrobe malfunction, it's not supposed to do that. That's the construction of the dress. But the way that the dress is actually constructed, there's a tulle lining underneath. And -- thank you, sam. For those of us who don't know, it looked like a convertible dress. It is. And you know why? You know what I mean? She can move around in that a little easier. And it was more slimming. And you're -- I see, josh, you were making fun. And there was plenty to talk about here. This is day three. No. We'll give you a pop quiz tomorrow. There was a malfunction. No malfunction. No malfunction. It did not -- she did see it. But you're not supposed to. But you did. It moves up. We've got to get to the moisturizing jeans.

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{"id":18343308,"title":"Jennifer Lawrence's Dress: SAG Awards Wardrobe Malfunction?","duration":"3:35","description":"Paula Faris reports the latest on the Christian Dior Gown worn by actress.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lawrence-dress-rip-wardrobe-malfunction-sag-awards-18343308","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}