Jennifer Lawrence Makes an Advertising Deal with Dior

Sara Haines on the latest stories from Hollywood in Pop News.
3:00 | 02/22/14

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Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence Makes an Advertising Deal with Dior
-- have a -- news -- over -- fan hey Kate I think you mentioned for Els had. It was the half that unofficially won a Grammy and now -- can be doors Rell talking. -- mountain pass on each day becomes with the letter of authenticity and free shipping dates are currently sitting at 111600. Dollars. But that number is expected to rise and let's hope it does with all the money going towards the music stars charity from one -- -- another Rell has been pushing assailant later. Even calling out RB. -- looks all too familiar. We're calling up like come -- put it down with it initially owned by Indiana Jones fifth and Dudley do right. A lot of talking about it. We'll get a -- yet. More accurate he -- Another item that will forever be remembered in pop culture -- street. Jane -- Oscar dress or more specifically address that -- -- on waves he. Jennifer had an advertising deal with York. -- speaking about the plan recently she reminisced about address saying. They need to make it more accessible for skiers I'm pretty sure that's a shout out to that he or -- designers at an Oscar Sunday. Nature of this year's draft can -- your friendly I think -- Britain would be much direct market. I'm -- stresses between home and I'm always nervous for them. Appreciate women not much more things we do -- Muni -- -- At a high level -- your thinking when you have some of them like they can't -- -- I can't eat at camp Reno lake and then what's the point let me go to court that 900 AM yes. And hash tag animals TV shows is taking over Twitter and we are loving it check out the -- make over of breaking -- added. Had you. What about this one orange -- the new black cat. And remind -- -- My favorite black cat and I know it was a little orange you don't own mineral there. Nelson you hadn't even -- -- an example where touched up photos are undefeated -- me being -- I agree feeder shows that he is a -- rattled them off. And look out can't -- we have a new competitor for the cutest baby animal needs and yea he's a southern. Tommy -- lab equipment that right. Which is the type of any air before it just forty of the Staten Island -- apparently has tumbled her. Did did sixteen injured lungs which will help imports for food think about all. Dad a -- is twelve inches. -- on form more and -- that time you could sit away from the dinner table when phoning it. My here -- yeah. I thank you Clinton that imagery in our lives Aaron and we appreciate it the only is an occasional -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sara Haines on the latest stories from Hollywood in Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22631297","title":"Jennifer Lawrence Makes an Advertising Deal with Dior","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lawrence-makes-advertising-deal-dior-22631297"}