Jennifer Lopez Shares New Album Art on Instagram

Rachael Smith reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:42 | 06/14/14

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez Shares New Album Art on Instagram
Sara's off. We brought in a ringer this morning. Our good friend, Rachel smith. Time to do "Pop news." You'll get accompaniment by Ron Claiborne during the whole thing. Okay. First up, guys, we have really hot stuff in here this morning. This is getting major buzz online. It's J. Lo album artwork. The hot photos on instagram, as she counts down to the launch of her new album. It's due out in stores on Tuesday. Check out the photos. Gorgeous. She's beautiful. Just absolutely stunning. Not that that's surprising. It's not. She's very talented. You will see her talent Friday on "Gma." That's a huge show. Bring to bring on a huge crowd. Speaking of hot, apparently, we can't really take the heat in Denmark. Check this out. This is what I'm talking about. This is a video going viral of 1,000 people eating ghost peppers at the same time. That's a one-eyed thing going on here. I can't do it. I love that they brought ice cubes with them. It doesn't help, by the way. How do you recruit 1,000 people to do this? It was a P.R. Stunt for some guy's book. If you're not familiar with those peppers -- That's the best one ever. Oh, here he goes. If you're not familiar with ghost peppers, they're the hottest food, like, in the history of ever. And basically, that's the reaction. Stay it all. Since the beginning of time. I remember Reading that book in college. "The history of peppers." Each person, guys, got a certificate of participation. Really? They probably walked away with stomachaches, heartburn. Moving on, do you remember the cat that was called the 911 attack cat? I know you remember this. The one that attacked a robber? He started getting really aggressive with his owners. His owners had to barricade him in a bedroom. Basically, now, we're hearing that lux has had an intervention. He's had an intervention. Yes. Lux had an intervention with a cat behaviorist, Jackson galaxy, from the show, "My cat from hell." Yes. He even called the feline the most complicated character he ever met. Wow. However, I don't know, guys. Tell me this. This next cat, kind of looks like -- you know, that cat? That's my cat. Jackson galaxy came to my house because we have a cat that doesn't like me. And he did an intervention with the cat. No. And the cat still hates me. Well. Check out lux's intervention on discovery planet. If you haven't heard about, I'll introduce you to Anna looking just like Elsa from "Frozen." The resemblance is so good. She works as a "Frozen" impersonator. Fans have launched a campaign to land her a role as Elsa, on ABC's "Once upon a time." Good, right? Can she sing? She can sing. She can act. She's a model. She seems to be enjoying this. Do not let it go. Do not let it go. In a friendly reminder, tomorrow is father's day. And we want you guys to send us your favorite pics with you and your dad. Use your #gmafather's day. Thank you, Rachel. More "Gma." Keep it here. ? Your eyes. Even at a distance of 10 miles...

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{"id":24138734,"title":"Jennifer Lopez Shares New Album Art on Instagram","duration":"3:42","description":"Rachael Smith reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lopez-shares-album-art-instagram-24138734","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}