Jenny McCarthy Defends Cousin Melissa McCarthy

The star slammed film critic Rex Reed for attacking her cousin's weight.
2:36 | 02/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jenny McCarthy Defends Cousin Melissa McCarthy
McCARTHY, SPEAKING OUT IN Defense of her cousin, comic melissa McCarthy. Family sticks together. Jenny defending melissa against savage remarks made by film critics. Take a look. I can do this all day with you. Reporter: It is the plus-sized controversy this morning that doesn't seem to be going away. She's very, very, very talented. You know that. Absolutely. Reporter: Late wednesday, jenny McCarthy came to the defense of her cousin, actress melissa McCarthy, after the comedienne's new movie "identity theft," as well as her size, were panned by critic rex reed. I don't know the whole story. I know after being in this business for 20 years, it's really crummy you get attacked in your personal life in general. Reporter: While melissa has yet to respond, reed has, defending his review on new york's wor radio on wednesday. That's what her career is about.Basing her career on being obnoxious and being overweight. And I don't think that's funny. Reporter: Reed took credit for "identity theft," stealing the weekend box office, earning nearly $30 million, doubling expectations. Saying his controversy over CRITICISM of McCarthy was manufactured by the movie studio. It got bad reviews from everybody. But I'm the one they chose this time to cash in on to try to sell the picture. Reporter: But while reed may TAKE ISSUE with McCarthy's on-screen performance, he says he has praise for her real-life character. THIS GIRL, melissa McCarthy has remained completely silent. And I think that's very classy. Reporter: Reed says, after years of watching friends struggle with weight issues, he just doesn't find fat jokes funny. I don't care how much melissa McCARTHY WEIGHS. I mean, you know, she wants to be fat. Mark, she is crying all the way to the bank. They say sometimes success can be the best revenge. The movie was number one. Made over $36 million at the box office. I'm a fan. I have to say. I've been a fan of hers for a

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{"id":18500022,"title":"Jenny McCarthy Defends Cousin Melissa McCarthy","duration":"2:36","description":"The star slammed film critic Rex Reed for attacking her cousin's weight. ","url":"/GMA/video/jenny-mccarthy-defends-cousin-melissa-mccarthy-rex-reed-18500022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}