The Reigning Jeopardy Champion's Unorthodox Strategy

Returning player may have cracked the game show's code.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Reigning Jeopardy Champion's Unorthodox Strategy
story of the reigning "Jeopardy" champ attracting attention with his highly unorthodoxed strategy that has a lot of people buzzing including our josh. Has he cracked the code to winning? Here he is. What's his name again. Arthur Chu. Arthur Chu and linsey Davis has the story. Reporter: He has four "Jeopardy" victories under his belt but it's unpredictable P predictability that has people talking. Chu says he's trying to improve his odds of winning which is after all the name of the game. The clue, he's "jeopardy"'s latest champion quickly earning a reputation for his unorthodox methods. The answer, who is Arthur Chu. Arthur has command of the board. Reporter: He's single-handedly turning America's favorite quiz show into a mind game. I can't even do the math. Reporter: His unorthodox technique is not only racking up winnings -- 3,395. Reporter: -- It's causing an online uproar. Chu says his four-day winnings last week totaling almost $103,000 was achieved in part using the forest bounce. Chu doesn't play one category at a time from top to bottom. You go from one category to a completely different category, it takes a little time for people's mental gears to catch up and if you're the one who knows what's coming next because you're picking it and leaving your opponents behind a little bit it gives you that edge. Missing links, a thousand. Nower blank lifting. Reporter: He also hunts for the daily double. Typically found in the bottom two rows. Getting nautical, 2,000. Answer, daily double, the other one. Reporter: On Wednesday's game, Chu got all three -- Sports, 1,000. Daily double. Reporter: While he's nowhere ken Jennings who won 74 straight games, Chu is on a roll. I do hope after my 15 minutes of fame are up to get some opportunities for my other interests. Reporter: As for those "Jeopardy" purists complaining about the pacing and predictability of his style of play that's something Chu might call -- Arthur. What is white noise? Yes. Reporter: The forest bounce was named after former "Jeopardy" champion chuck forest. It was his unpredictable style of play that he first implemented. This week yelp is doing a battle of the decades week with their champions from the '80s so Arthur is back in three weeks when he defends his role and strategy as returning champion, he just has to make sure his opponents don't tart using his strategy. Right, I agree. I think there's something to it. Thank you so much. Lins. I know, we have to wait and see. Bouncing around category to category. That's fine. But you got -- when you get a daily double that's high -- closer to the top it's going to be an easier question. It still reflects the dollar value. If they could only see the passion -- Be smart. And talk to me in 70 more. I feel a sweeps special

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{"id":22356776,"title":"The Reigning Jeopardy Champion's Unorthodox Strategy","duration":"3:00","description":"Returning player may have cracked the game show's code.","url":"/GMA/video/jeopardy-champion-arthur-chus-unorthodox-strategy-utilizes-game-22356776","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}