Jesse Tyler Ferguson Offers You a 'Modern Family' Sneak Peek

Get an exclusive look at the latest episode of the Emmy-winning show.
3:29 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for Jesse Tyler Ferguson Offers You a 'Modern Family' Sneak Peek
Want to ring the dinner bell? That's quaint. Is it one of those little tri -- sooey. Loudest call in the tricounty area. Do it again. No, sweetheart. I think once is enough. Sooey. Wow. There's an animal that runs towards that sound, huh? I mean, so good. A sneak peek of "modern family" this week. So glad to have jesse tyler ferguson back. Plays mitchell pritchett. I don't know how you get through scenes like that. I know. With guest starts like cicely watt. And I made up a new name for her. It's weston. Not watson. But I like the sound of watson. Your special name for her. It's really difficult. I have to take to that. When he gets in your grille and goes -- well, you know, eric, he's from that wo as you all know. And so, he's -- he was like the ambassador of all things farm that week. Things were not dirty enough. We had to make the pigs dirtier. I was able to have him have his day. I think it's great. You did this funny or die parody for "the bachelor." Your version called the first gay bachelor. Shocking revelations. What makes you so special anyway? I'm a trial attorney. I'm a trial attorney. I'm a trial attorney. I'm a trial attorney. I'm a pro athlete. I'm in 'n sync. I'm also a trial attorney. You have to be kidding me. I brought so much tape with me today. What else will we show? George takei. He's done one of these with you. And he designed a tie for tie the knot. And this is a part of it? I have a foundation, we talked about before. All of the bow ties that me and my husband have created, all the proceeds go to marriage equality. And we have a new line that's out right now. And our first pop-up shop in l.A., In the beverly center. The bow tie is back. Back and better than ever. It stresses me out when I have to tie it. But I think it's afun addition to any male wardrobe. I tried it. He brought them last time. And I tried it. No. Just shuts it down right away. Classic george. Once a month I try it. And once a month I fail miserably. I'm getting closer. You have to just dive in to the bow tie waters. It's such an elegant statement. Thank you. Thank you. And for a great cause. Now, you have proathletes designing them. Yeah. I know. It's great. Off of her tattoo. The sleeve, as the kids call it. You're so hip. I'm so hip. So hip. So funny. You have to check out that funny or die, the first gay bachelor. And "modern family," wednesday at 9:00, 8:00 central, on abc. We love having you here. Thanks for having me.

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{"id":20934743,"title":"Jesse Tyler Ferguson Offers You a 'Modern Family' Sneak Peek","duration":"3:29","description":"Get an exclusive look at the latest episode of the Emmy-winning show.","url":"/GMA/video/jesse-tyler-ferguson-interview-2013-modern-family-sneak-20934743","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}