Jimmy Carter 'Surprisingly at Ease' With Cancer Diagnosis

The former president says he will begin treatment this afternoon for melanoma on his brain.
2:13 | 08/20/15

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Transcript for Jimmy Carter 'Surprisingly at Ease' With Cancer Diagnosis
It mail it got to Guyana to help monitor the election. Very very cold on the left them. He came back to Emory. To inject nobody in the process. Figured out of complete physical examination. And an MRI showed that there was a chance. Growth at two home my little. And they own depression. And that kind of rush up. A bad place and it did so they pretty sure that there was a chance of a poorly operated. On or sister who moved here. And they. Your crops in Canada it was indeed. Cancer good news of melanoma. And britcaster station did and now. That's a normal starter somewhere else on my body and spread. To the job too little. And it needed an MRI. And found no of course spots. Of melanoma on our Brian. They they're small spots but two millimeters if you can envision but it millimeters and I get my first a radiation treatment. Well at Motorola in about bringing this afternoon. Where first. I felt there was song. Confront him a live candidate. Operation had completely removed it shall connect slightly. And then that same afternoon. We had an MRI. Of my head and neck and it showed up that it was already in four places in my brain. So I would say that night in the next day until I came back up to Emory. I just thought I had a few weeks left. That I was. Surprisingly. Eddie's. Tonight at ten of Britain wonderful life at that thousands of friends and and have been an exciting adventurous and gratifying. He justice. So I was surprisingly. Cities much more so than my wife watched. But not feel. It notices in the hands of in my brush. And now. Be prepared for anything comes.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"The former president says he will begin treatment this afternoon for melanoma on his brain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33202608","title":"Jimmy Carter 'Surprisingly at Ease' With Cancer Diagnosis","url":"/GMA/video/jimmy-carter-surprisingly-at-ease-with-cancer-diagnosis-33202608"}