JJ Watt opens up about raising $27M for Harvey relief efforts

The Houston Texans star tells "GMA" he learned through the fundraising effort that "when things look the bleakest, humanity steps up for each other."
3:30 | 09/07/17

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Transcript for JJ Watt opens up about raising $27M for Harvey relief efforts
I got a chance to sit down with the Houston Texans defensive end for "Gma" and also "Knox NFL Sunday." His fund-raiser started with a $100,000 donation and skyrocketed to $28 million and counting. I had a chance to speak about his incredible effort. You're in Dallas sitting in a hotel room and watching hurricane Harvey just come through Houston and just destroy the city. Right. Was it that moment as you're watching on TV that you decide I want to do something? I want to help? Yeah, because you feel helpless seeing water rush down streets that I drive down every day. I said how can I help? So I started to think and I said, have this incredible platform. Have all this social media and all these followers. Let's see if I can raise a little bit of money to help these people out and get relief efforts going. Just looked straight into the cell phone camera. Start up a campaign and hoping to raise $200,000 and now we're over $27 million. You did all right. Did you call somebody to say, you know, this is what I'm thinking or did you just say, let me throw this out there. I texted my girlfriend, my mom and financial adviser and pr person, Amy and I said, I'm going to denate $100,000 because I want to obviously help and then I said I'm going to encourage other people to do the same and we'll see what happens. I can tell you this, you're a smart guy. You know how I know you're smart because you reached out to the women in your life first. Don't ever do anything without the women, J.J. I'm telling you. Within 24 hours of his call to action, j.j.'s Houston flood relief fund was at $500,000. At what point did you think, okay, this is serious. This is really catching on. When Chris Paul calls and says he wants to donate and drake says how can I get involved. When you're on "Good morning America" and CNN gets involved. Million dollar donations start to become the norm it gets a little crazy. When things look the bleakest, humanity steps up for each other and I think that there's over 160,000 people that have donated. As big as a $5 million donation, there's also as small as $5 donation and people giving whatever they can. Reporter: Watt and his teammates have delivered much needed supplies and so much more. In a time like this when things are so difficult, you wouldn't think that seeing your favorite football player would matter all that much but something as small as a smile, something like a handshake, a selfie, these people just light up. I appreciate it and I also want people to know that I take that responsibility extremely seriously and I'm going to make sure that what I do is do right by the people who donated and the people who need the help. And J.J. Tells me his goal is to raise as much money as possible and the campaign is going to remain open until September 15th at 5:00 P.M. And he says he's working with the local organizations to make sure this money gets to where it needs to go to the people who need the help. But very smart guy. Big responsibility he's taking on. He's doing a great job. You said when you were there and looking around and -- first of all, your family is fine. Yes. The need is great for everything. The need is great for everything. Sometimes -- I told J.J. I want to come back and follow up and see what's going on because sometimes we cover it and then we move on, the next thing happens. Sure. The need there is great as it is in Florida and all these other places being affected by the storms come sng a lot of people to keep in mind. Coming up, the American

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The Houston Texans star tells \"GMA\" he learned through the fundraising effort that \"when things look the bleakest, humanity steps up for each other.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49674437","title":"JJ Watt opens up about raising $27M for Harvey relief efforts","url":"/GMA/video/jj-watt-opens-raising-27m-harvey-relief-efforts-49674437"}