More Jobs Added to the Economy, Unemployment Rate Down

Bianna Golodryga reports on the latest economic indicators in America.
2:21 | 03/09/13

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Transcript for More Jobs Added to the Economy, Unemployment Rate Down
Much better than expected jobs report. 236,000 jobs added last month, some 70,000 more than predicted. That helped bring down the unemployment rate to 7.7%, the lowest since december 2008. On wall street, the dow jones broke the all-time high for a fourth straight day. Is this a blip or a sign of better days ahead? Friday's whiplashing headlines, the unemployment rate at the lowest in four years sent the dow to a new high. It's clear that the country is building, healing, and hiring. I saw a great increase of job activity. As long as people fool good, they keep spending. Reporter: Factories added 14,000 workers in february. Hooray for hollywood as the film industry added 21,000 jobs. Con sfrux is leading the way. 48,000 jobs added. The housing market recovery is having a major impact. In february, doug smith hir seven new workers and sold 50 homes. The best january for us since 2005. Reporter: Which were built with flals the maze nail They had good news to share. We hired three new factory associates. Reporter: Retail verdicts seeing job growth. Will it continue to sizzle or fizzle? Companies are done without. Cut they'll can cut. Now they need people to come back to fill true demand. They're not just guessing things will be better tomorrow. Reporter: Some experts say there is reason to worry. Self-imposed budget cuts can put a damper on the trend. For now, now land a top position? Here are three tips so keep in mind. Don't be afraid to tell everyone you know or meet that you're looking for work. Many people find jobs through personal connections. Two, think outside your comfort zone. Chances are have more skills than you know. And bepri paired to move. Jobs may be available across towns or in another town. Good advice. We cover a wide variety of topics.

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{"id":18691911,"title":"More Jobs Added to the Economy, Unemployment Rate Down","duration":"2:21","description":"Bianna Golodryga reports on the latest economic indicators in America.","url":"/GMA/video/jobs-added-economy-unemployment-rate-18691911","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}