Jodi Arias Murder Trial: Was It Self Defense?

Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams discuss the trial of a woman accused of killing her ex.
4:14 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Murder Trial: Was It Self Defense?
Let's check in with our legal team. "Gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, along with nancy grace, who is going to cover the trial on her hln show. Prosecutors always have the first go. The case seems strong. But this is relentless. There is an enormous amount of evidence here now. Not just that she lied. But she lied again. The question in this case, and i think probably all the lawyers recognize this, is not is she going to be convicted? It's what is she going to be convicted of? Will it be second-degree murder? Will it be first-degree murder? Will she get the death penalty? Those are the key questions. That's why the interrogation tapes become really tricky for her. On the one hand, she has to take the stand if she wants to be serious about the self-defense claim. There's no other evidence of self-defense. And you see on the interrogation tapes, her convincingly lying about nuance after nuance, if she gets up there and lies to the jury, it calls into question. She's in a tough spot. She sure is. Nancy, on top of it, you have the phone records and the voicemail. Well, there's been so many lies by jodi arias. And I found out something yesterday. She's even lying nonverbally. George, I found out she's got her chair beside her lawyers rolled down. You know, you can adjust chairs up and down? If you look at her lady lawyer beside her, she's about two inches shorter, to make her look petite and diminutive. I was wondering what was happening. Take a look. And you'll see what I'm talking about. Yeah. She was even stalking him in death. And I find that to be one of the most offensive lies. But this is why I think they can turn it around. I've spoken to many of travis alexander's friends. And they all say that she basically came on to them, as well. Extremely flirtatious. They have 7 women, 11 men. I can see her flirting with some of the guys from her defense table. But I guarantee you this, they're not going to invite her to dinner. That's a safe one. Self-defense is going to be the claim. If they do, they better hide the cutlery. That gets to my next question. And the prosecutors, though, are claiming -- are sticking with the claim that she stabbed him first, then shot him, which could in theory help for the self-defense claim. It can go either way. This is a theory that's been evolving for prosecutors. Was -- did she shoot him first? Or did she stab him first? Stabbing could suggest more cruel behavior, et cetera. I think you could also argue that shooting him first shows a premeditation. She brings a gun to the house, shoots him first and stabs him later. It's moot. It's moot. It's moot because from the bullet wound, which went above the right eyebrow and lodged in the cheek, there was no exit wound, it didn't bleed. That shows that he died of the stab above the heart because there was no blood pressure to make this wound bleed. But what's going to defeat the entire self-defense claim is the nine stab wounds to the back. And I want to correct something. These were not racy photos. These were xxx-rated photos. I looked at them. They are not sexy. They're basically body parts. And the cop showed them to arias in the interrogation and she goes, hmm. That kind of looks like me. Jodi, it is you. Wow. You know, each piece of evidence that we see, doesn't just back up what we previously know. It obliterates the potential defenses here. And you know, she's getting her opportunities are narrowing and narrowing here. This is someone who wanted to represent herself in this case, who was representing herself in this case. I think she very well may take the stand. That's going to be incredibly compelling testimony. Dan, her opportunities are narrowing, like you said. D her chair is getting lower and lower. We have to get out right now. Dan, nancy, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams discuss the trial of a woman accused of killing her ex.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18227409","title":"Jodi Arias Murder Trial: Was It Self Defense?","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-murder-trial-defense-story-18227409"}