Potential Jodi Arias Jury Foreman Excused

The third juror to be excused in the Arizona murder trial was nicknamed "the CEO."
2:49 | 04/26/13

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Transcript for Potential Jodi Arias Jury Foreman Excused
Now, we have the latest in the trial of jodi arias. The prosecution has rested. And in an unexpected twist, a third juror, now dismissed from the case. Abc's ryan owens is in phoenix, arizona, with the latest for us. Good morning, ryan. Reporter: Good morning, robin. I spoke exclusively with juror number 8 as he was escorted out of the building behind me. He said he was disappointed to be removed. But would not say exactly what happened. He did say he wouot be returning to the courtroom to watch, like his colleague, juror number 5 did a few weeks ago, and caused such a stir. Another seat in this jury box will be empty when testimony resumes next week. Ladies and gentlemen, the court has excused juror number 8 from further participation in this case. Reporter: Juror 8's absence will be noticed. He took copious notes and asked a lot of juror questions. Some nicknamed the middle-aged man, the ceo. And suggested he might end up as the jury foreman. Not anymore. Juror number 5 has been excused. Juror number 11, the court has excused him. Reporter: He's the third juror dismissed during this four-month trial. But with closing arguments finally set to begin next week, there are still 15 potential jurors in the box. Three more than needed to decide the face of jodi arias. The 32-year-old spent thursday crying and shielding her eyes with her hair, as the prosecutor rested his case with a medical examiner on the stand. And travis alexander's disturbing autopsy photos on the screen. His sisters could not look at what arias admits she did to their brother. Just pointing it at him. And I didn't know that I shot him. It just went off. And he was -- he lunged at me. Reporter: Arias testified she killed the mormon business man in self-defense. First shooting him in the head. Then, repeatedly stabbing him when he kept fighting her. No way, says the medical examiner. Would he be able to get up after the gunshot wound and after the two seconds and walk approximately five feet and stand at a sink and sort of hover over it? Would he be able to do that? I don't believe so, no. And again, why not? Again, it's a purposeful action, requires coordination of multiple muscles to be able to stand and walk. With a head injury, a brain injury, I don't think he's going to be able to do that. Reporter: And while the end is in sight, keep in mind, this is just the guilt or innocence phase of this trial. If jodi arias is convicted of first-degree murder, then comes the penalty phase. That's when the jury will decide if she spends the rest of her life in prison. Or if she will become just the fourth woman on arizona's death row. Robin? As you said, this is far from over, ryan. Thanks very much.

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{"id":19048831,"title":"Potential Jodi Arias Jury Foreman Excused","duration":"2:49","description":"The third juror to be excused in the Arizona murder trial was nicknamed \"the CEO.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-update-potential-jodi-arias-jury-19048831","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}