John Kerry, Japanese Officials Meet Over North Korea Crisis

Secretary of State continues to visit countries in the region over potential missile launch.
3:29 | 04/14/13

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Transcript for John Kerry, Japanese Officials Meet Over North Korea Crisis
rising tensions overseas as the world waits to see whether north korea will launch a missile. Secretary of state john kerry is traveling in the region, trying to diffuse the crisis. Abc's bob woodruff is in seoul, south korea, monitoring it all. Good morning, bob. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Secretary kerry this morning landed in japan, which is the most vulnerable country when or if a missile is launched from north korea because it could be pointed right over the top of japan. With a range of more than 2,000 miles. Now, because of that, japan has brought in more patriot missile Just in case. But his trip has not been only about nuclear missiles. Kerry got the tour of a buddhist temple, built in the 14th century. And he got to meet the winning students who built a solar car that can drive 50 miles per hour fully powered by solar panels. As for north korea, despite the growing tension, there was normalcy on the streets in pyongyang. The 26th annual marathon race. The winner this year came from ethiopia. Over here, right in seoul, we are all just waiting, really, for the possibility of a missile launch. Many are thinking it could be tomorrow because it is the 101st birthday of kim jong-un's grandfather. We don't know when that will happen or if I will happe all. We will see. Thanks, bob. There's some speculation that missile launch could come tonight, east coast time. This is an extremely delicate situation, of course, for the white house. And abc's chief white house correspondent, jon karl, is filling in for george stephanopoulos on "this week" this morning. Does the white house expect the missile launch soon? And how will they responsibility? The white house thinks north korea is going to go ahead with the missile launch. They're prepared, if it looks like it's heading towards a target, to knock this thing down. Or try to knock it down. They suspect it will be a test launches that will probably go into the sea of japan. The administration, the white house will come out immediately and condemn the launch, called unhelpful. Called not what north korea should be doing. But this has gotten dangerously escalated. The u.S. Is hoping once north korea gets this out of its system, we will have a relative period of calm. I want to ask about the emotional scene we saw in washington. The mother of the newtown massacre, delivering the president's radio address. This is rare. How much of an impact are these parents having in the debate over gun control legislation? It is extremely rare. I've never seen the president turn over the president's weekly address used to be the address now, youtube address, over to someone else. This is usually the president's message. I believe these families have already had an impact. To see them up on capitol hill, going office to office in the senate, I think that is a big reason why you saw the senate have its first vote that defied the nra last week going forward and mo ahead on this gun agenda. Nothing passed into law yet. Only a procedural vote but a vote where the nra lost. And a big part of the reason, frankly, was the families had an impact. These families have banded together. Jon, great to see you. Thanks so much. Jon has a big show. Marco rubio, charles schumer and jeff sessions joining him this morning.

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{"id":18950833,"title":"John Kerry, Japanese Officials Meet Over North Korea Crisis","duration":"3:29","description":"Secretary of State continues to visit countries in the region over potential missile launch.","url":"/GMA/video/john-kerry-japanese-officials-meet-north-korea-crisis-18950833","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}