John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala Overnight

The software tycoon was seeking asylum in Guatemala before being arrested.
2:36 | 12/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala Overnight
breaking news overnight of the military software titan, john McAFEE, CAPTURED BY POLICE IN Guatemala, where he went to seek asylum. Just before his arrest, he speak exclusively to abc's matt gutman. And matt joins us live from guatemala city with the latest on that bizarre interview. Matt, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. IN THAT INTERVIEW, McAFEE VERY Animated. Saying he felt safe here for the first time in months. Seeking asylum here. But just hours later, the immigration police picked him up. They're planning to fly him back to belize from the airport behind me, a move that surprised nearly everyone here, most of all McAfee. OVERNIGHT, john McAfee was stuffed into a police car here in guatemala. John, where are you going? To jail. Reporter: Arrested by the country, just hours earlier. He told us exclusively he hoped would grant us asylum. This morning, officials here say they will deport him back to belize, where he is being sought for questioning in the november er of hisneighbor, greg faull. You did not, nor did any of your associates shoot him? For what reason? How stupid would I be? He's my neighbor. Reporter: Investigators in belize say he's not a suspect. But when they asked him to talk to them, he went underground, convinced, he says, police there want him dead. Why don't you take a lawyer, somebody you trusted, go to the police, talk to them, hash this all out? They won't let a lawyer come into my prison, where I'm surrounded by guys with knives or whatever, paid to kill me. Reporter: Late wednesday, a confident McAfee thought he had escaped. Telling us how he managed to duck police for three weeks, while taunting investigators. I changed my hair erratically, as I've died it black. Chopped it off. It's been white sometimes. Reporter: At times, he said, he even pretended to be elderly. I had a cane. I was walking like this. And I had my jaws stuffed with toilet paper. Reporter: When we talked to him, his hair was still dyed black. But he had given up the other disguises, thinking he no longer had to keep running. You're not wanted. I'm safe here. Reporter: Instead, this MORNING, McAFEE IS IN JAIL. NOW, McAFEE ALWAYS ABLE TO FIND A way to communicate, has been blogging from jail. He said that a judge has temporarily stayed that deportation order. His attorney has been arguing all along that any move for McAFEE BACK TO BELIZE, COULD Risk his life.

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{"id":17892057,"title":"John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala Overnight","duration":"2:36","description":"The software tycoon was seeking asylum in Guatemala before being arrested.","url":"/GMA/video/john-mcafee-arrested-interview-arrest-shows-software-tycoon-17892057","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}