Johnny Depp Sues Ex-Managers for $25M

The actor has filed a lawsuit against his former business managers for more than $25 million for alleged "gross misconduct."
2:15 | 01/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Johnny Depp Sues Ex-Managers for $25M
managers for more than $25 million accusing them of gross misconduct and gio has the details. Reporter: Good morning. Right now Depp is crying foul saying that the people paid to make sure his career and finances were in check, they were instead stealing from him, he says and we're not talking church change. He is one of Hollywood's highest paid actors. He played the beloved jack sparrow in "Pirates of the caribbean." Captain jack sparrow, if you please, sir. Reporter: This morning Johnny Depp says the real pirates were his managers alleging they stole millions from him for nearly two decades. Not sure I deserve that. Reporter: This is a case that has stakes unlike any other business manager case I've ever seen. For "The pirates of the caribbean" franchise he was making $25 million, $30 million per movie. Reporter: In a newly filed lawsuit Depp is suing his former managers for more than $25 million. Wow! Reporter: Accusing the management group and its owners of treating his income as their own personal bank account. There are all kinds of allegations, the business managers diverted funds or took extra money than they were entitled to. Reporter: Depp claiming in the filing the company made unauthorized loan, failed to file taxes properly and paid themselves more than $28 million in fees without his written consent. Adding they actively concealed the true state of his finances while driving him deeper and deeper into financial distress. The lawsuit also alleges that there's a piece of property that the business managers actually put in their name so that it would be foreclosed on and they would get to take the property and not Johnny Depp. Reporter: But Depp's ex-managers tell ABC news that it was he or spent irresponsibly calling the lawsuit a complete fabrication adding his tactics will fail. Naughty. Reporter: Depp filing his lawsuit Friday, the same day his tumultuous divorce from actress amber heard was finalized. And the former managers also say Depp never alleged any wrongdoing when they were actually working together and that the company did everything possible to protect him from what they call irresponsible and extravagant spending, George. We will see how it plays out. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"The actor has filed a lawsuit against his former business managers for more than $25 million for alleged \"gross misconduct.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44803517","title":"Johnny Depp Sues Ex-Managers for $25M","url":"/GMA/video/johnny-depp-sues-managers-25m-44803517"}