Jonathan Groff: HBO's 'Looking' Is More Than Just 'Gay Girls'

The young star talks new show and says he'd return to 'Glee' in a second.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Jonathan Groff: HBO's 'Looking' Is More Than Just 'Gay Girls'
From the insurance. And then yeah. His kids and love this song and I don't know I don't know who. It is I love that -- so. They knew it was thing. People like getting -- -- that's right. -- love it you can use facilities and the mother lives good like ASEAN. Doing a lot of look for some other news. Thirty minutes is a quick haircut and maybe -- here is easier to cut its them. -- even -- your money go here please go ahead with the dogs are -- inspector. -- -- -- -- To stay here while. He's correct him. This was the most. Yes that's -- good. If hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening in the pop culture seeing it works the two go together. And our guest today Jonathan -- is just he's just. And now he's arms but the pain yes everytime you turn to ramp up the areas he's -- looking the new series on HBO. And then if you go to the movies nobody sees any other movie except for ocean at Disney animated. And there he's trying -- -- relationship with the reindeer but we'll we'll get into that. -- and then if you listen to the soundtrack album you could hear him which is also like number one on iTunes everybody loves it. He'll be singing songs to the -- So you can hit all of that but now you actually get him. Here sounds -- in person alive and a person is revered figure and it's great so look at you you're doing everything. I'm so tired -- is now on it's totally excited totally excited yeah as an actor you just -- work some -- just be employed. Yeah I hear people say that but -- -- you know you've been on -- -- how long we -- spring the weight which in years yeah somebody's best to sit okay. I could use -- day off a little bit. I don't know -- and never -- my feet of that Peter. How desperate -- waiting for music every. Childhood dream that I ever had come true being -- Broadway Show getting to walk through the staged or every day so. Now I left it. Relatives -- he's happy I'm not gonna bring -- -- notes that not a now so let's start with looking because there it is on HBO. Coming right after girls so it's called the gay girls because nobody can think of anything better to say that that. What an -- -- the re gay guys. Your character Patrick makes video games with -- please. Tell -- who -- tell those people. -- having to -- yet why they should go on HBO on demand and start watching OK well it's about what he said three gay friends living in San Francisco. Patrick is videogame designer between nine years olds looking desperately looking for a boyfriend when we need him. And I think that one of the interesting things about the show is that. Unlike girls which is girls and their early twenties and most of the characters in our store in their thirties and forties that you -- I'm 29 yes well Greta I cuts. -- the -- trial and the youngest son beyond respond on the BB of the cats. But it's about people sort of like divorce or job problems their relationship troubles their friendships. And so while it is about a group of -- man. That's sort of a part of who they are something to it doesn't define their experience of -- -- then -- universal and injure Hague. Had a movie called weekend they can have yet which is an amazing movie. And he's an incredible. Artist and I think -- sensibility. That is throughout the course of series really interest things and it's HBO so it's like a typical. TV series when the show starts in the pilot it's like a camera just dropped. And you're suddenly in the world of San Francisco with these guys and as the season sort of goes along. Layers -- it peeled off and -- start to figure out who they are with the relationships are but it's kind of like a four hour movie knows it's the TV series created by. Independent filmmakers. And so. It feels that way when you watch him. Were you when you signed -- to do it and you were talking to the people you working out to make a political statement -- Now that was never the conversation. From the very beginning -- as we were creating so even from the pilot he was all about character and story. There was never any talk of what this -- to the gay community as a whole -- what we returned it represents. The -- injuring -- works is he any as he did in weekend is he gets really specific with his characters and stories and as you know. A lot of times great movies that are incredibly specific then and -- the coming universal. And people start talking about it it in a conversation as far as like. Where that show -- the movie fits in like the bigger political conversation but when we are creating a move that show it was just about the characters in the stories. But I mean you've always been -- -- you've always come out said. This is who. Is that getting easier to say that in the industry -- I think -- is acting. As time you know maybe fifty years from -- -- won't -- -- a topic of conversation certainly in the last ten years. It would affect -- if she didn't yet know right it never and a a couple of years ago to remember those and that Newsweek article. Well you can't be on currently playing Texas and chains. Of course one of the -- named in his -- -- partly based ladies and I think Syria if it I think it totally totally so when that happens is it. The -- Michelle who says. I want Jonathan -- -- -- and saint -- night. Weird how it happened I did a pilot for Iran comprehend -- for affects that never picked up while we were shooting -- we can. It's about time that Ryan -- food LA. We were shooting the show. The strike captains the union strike captain on Broadway while I was there and the shows were down and -- flew to LA. To hang out while I was shooting this pilot. Matt Ryan and Ryan said I'm developing the so called -- your perfect for rates will -- And Jonathan if the show goes I'll write you a role on the show and that's how it all -- -- I could ask it's the last season of going to you come. -- just to see James I don't think he's -- -- come by I mean you never know and you never know but. I would love to go back over the fasting and go back in the second it's over I think you've been seeing him by quite frequently been -- said. Intent intently bring me back again. Now he's a genius and that's what I'm doing but Tony be demeaned the experience is colored by the death of corn Monty which was so -- -- just terrible thing it. Her connections I mean his connection to -- It's serious thing so I'm assuming your good friend and that you rally yeah behind. Absolutely absolutely -- she has I think blown everybody away those those of us that are close -- -- Those who don't know her but it just watched her from afar you know go through all of this and she is a rock star and has a strength inside -- -- that. He's so inspiring and I'm so proud of her and I think everybody for so inspired by the -- that she also handles -- -- that situation because. You know people get really upset and do crazy things and she really just plan at her feet in the ground and ends. -- through it and start at she's an inspiration to me -- To good thing you know we're all rooting for her yeah. But the other thing that happens -- any show that features like looking does nudity. -- -- You're in great shape but when you hear that it's going to happen did -- say it's sort of now. Camping and not again my mom is like not again and district athletic -- from Pennsylvania profess -- They're so excited about frozen because you know well through Matt's family friendly but I think that with nudity for me at least it's sort of like on a case by case -- since. It's you know you see with the project is -- -- working on it. With looking specifically after seeing weekend and seeing -- injury -- -- with a sex and that movie. I felt completely comfortable signing that -- waiver. And then the great leg you know the -- -- -- -- -- and sent the actors were cool. The nudity in the sex felt connected to the story in the script so it wasn't. So when we were in the scenes I didn't feel self conscious about being naked because. I was trying to just -- the scene. Which makes -- so much easier but can spring awakening we were doing. -- -- -- scene at the end we have showed her breasts and actually passed but I never even thought about it while we were doing the scene because it was so connected to what -- -- doing its. Well what you were saying before about how froze and has changed that I mean you can't see anything. There's no nudity required in this while you were recording the voice -- Christian market -- and it you'll never announced I -- but it was so cold I'm hoping. I was saying that it was in videotapes he is very carefully. Well tell us a little because it's not just another. Disney animated movie it's really among the most successful. -- -- and the soundtrack. Which doesn't give you the chance this -- that it. You know ray it's I don't know how that -- but it's huge untapped huge hit to have this come about you do for a. Cash -- just went to the addition we. Just -- that is he has had not exciting time known as category I grew up watching Disney movies never dreaming -- -- in one. Went to the addition it never thinking it would happen. And it it was an anti solid at the premiere in LA than it really finally -- can. As you know you just didn't you do that recording and -- story boards and you do the voice but you don't really see it come together until. You're -- -- so you're not doing anything would spend the Rangoon now I mean I was the voice -- span. So I was just there is just mean talking and talking to yourself -- -- which digs in and uses your natural schizophrenic. Completely had that's what can -- believe -- helpful when we were hurt when I was working on it acts like I love. -- assertive like Disney prince character. He's so erotic and weird and and the voices his own animal so I loved that. That quirky -- secular is what makes the movie really interest thing and I think that that's part of of people like about the show. Ends endlessly. In song. You should do the one that. The little bit of a song that says this is how I feel now this is Jonathan gruff and here early in the new year 24 to -- And it could even be you know Rangers are better than people I don't really care what style. It's sunny -- -- -- -- now I don't know it's yours it's USC could be in your. Yes. -- -- I feel like I feel like this is can actually with Patrick -- because nobody fits into the kind of fits -- thing. It's a little standards and reducing -- hero racing into the camera that was not mincing -- you could just what. -- -- -- Thalmann. To these who. -- -- I have -- To finance. I fell in love to the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My heart should be -- school. Rules. Cusack bin fool. -- them. This he's still our father in the only -- he. I have found in. Two. You know it's -- are you ready they're not true. And it's it's in the eyes and I think it's the West End anchors away exactly says they might not. Did you know that why I'm here you'll stop and Sammy come -- -- Johnston thank you so much for coming on -- here thank you for having them.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The young star talks new show and says he'd return to 'Glee' in a second.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22309800","title":"Jonathan Groff: HBO's 'Looking' Is More Than Just 'Gay Girls'","url":"/GMA/video/jonathan-groff-hbos-gay-girls-22309800"}