Josh Groban to Host 'Rising Star'

The singer discusses his role on the new singing competition show, where fans are able to vote in real time.
5:16 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Josh Groban to Host 'Rising Star'
And everyone here is so excited about this new ABC show, "Rising star." It's being called the next evolution in live television. Here's a sneak peek of what you all expect. What makes "Raising star" -- A game-changer. This. The face of the voters appear on the giant wall. And maybe your face is one of them. TV's first live interactive music competition, where you can make or break dreams in an instant. Intaunt results. Instant fame. We're not the judges. You are. It's so good to have josh groban here with us this morning. Talking about "Rising star." You're not only the judge. You're the host. I'm the host of the show. Oh, god. That just dawned on me as you said that. I'm the host of this show. And it's great. It's so much fun for me because I spend so much time kind of in front of my own mic and singing my own songs. And to have a chance to mentor young singers and work with them and to guide them through this hair-raising process. And to be on live television and carry a show like this is a new challenge and something I'm looking forward to. Explain how this is going to work. This is based on a revolutionary technology for live television. And based on an app that anybody can download. As they watch the show and watch the singers on the TV show, they're not having to wait until a results show. They're watching with an app in their hand. And they can swipe for yes. They with swipe for no. And they can vote live with the performance. And they're the judges, as to whether or not this wall will go up and the performer will go through. And my goodness. And my job is to make sure nobody gets crushed by the wall on live television. And hopefully, to give them good advice, and other experts. The panel of experts, brad paisley. And ludacris. Very eclectic. How much does the panel of experts count? They will get a vote, as well. So, they will be voting with the rest of America. But their vote, you know, they can't -- their vote alone won't do it. It's like 7%. About 7%. It's important that the experts like who is up there. And their critiques will be invaluable to the performers as they make it or don't make it. But truly, this is going to rely entirely on families getting together in front of the TV and saying we want this person to win. Or we don't think this person has it. You talked about the app. You want to show us in social square? Let's walk into our social square. I know. He's the host of "Good morning America" now, too. Allow me to take you to the social square here. People on the west coast are going to be saying, how does it work? Fly to the east coast. But the west coast will have a vote? Yes, they will. It will be absolutely live to the majority of the country. And on the west coast, they're going to film in live for the west coast. The west coast vote is going to matter. If somebody didn't get by with an east coast vote alone, the west coast vote could bump it over the edge. Wow. There is a way to do it. There's an app for that. And this gentleman is not going to be on your screen when you download the app. I'm sure you would love it if that were the case. It's daunting. Your soul belongs to me now. As you get to it, it will say swipe -- ready to vote. And then, swipe blue for yes and red for no. It's that simple. Blue there. And as -- the same screen every time. And then, yep. Same screen. Same screen. Ready to vote. You get to the be host, you have to get used to this. Now would be the time when I go into my samba. Entertain America with -- yeah. Basically -- I think we've been hacked by this gentleman. Ready to vote. Oh, my god. Basically, the reason it looks so simple is because it is basically simple. There aren't many things for you to do on the app. Very user-friendly. Very easy to use. And you'll see it. It's blue and red. You swipe yes or no. And that technology will go immediately to the wall on the stage. And they'll be able to see the votes. Also, you can put the picture in the app. When you vote, you get to see your picture. Is it a free app? It's free. A slight $14.95 groban shipping and handling. Three easy payments. 100% free. 100% free. You're going to be a natural. These hankies are not cheap. All of the best to you. I hope people tune in and have fun with this. I'm sure we will. "Rising star" premieres June 22nd, 9:00 P.M. Eastern, and pacific, on ABC. And they're holding a live audience test Monday night, in the half hour, so viewers can learn how to download the app better than we did right there. And you can raise the wall.

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{"id":24102833,"title":"Josh Groban to Host 'Rising Star'","duration":"5:16","description":"The singer discusses his role on the new singing competition show, where fans are able to vote in real time.","url":"/GMA/video/josh-groban-singer-discusses-role-host-rising-star-24102833","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}