Juan Pablo Says He's Not the Character of 'The Bachelor'

After a surprise end to the season, "The Bachelor" speaks out to People magazine.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Juan Pablo Says He's Not the Character of 'The Bachelor'
We'll turn now all the bachelor fallout. Everyone still buzzing about that finale where Juan Pablo decided he wasn't ready to give Nikki a ring both speaking out to "People" magazine. Abbie Boudreau has the story. Reporter: Some have call him the worst bachelor after that left Clare stunned and heartbroken. I would never want my children to have a father like you. Reporter: Tick kiev with a rose but no "I love you." I love you a lot. A lot. Reporter: A dramatic ending with bachelor Juan Pablo in the hot seat. Di -- whoo. Reporter: Sending the twitterverse into a frenzy. One saying "He's certainly no knight shining armor" now 32-year-old Juan Pablo is fighting back telling "People" magazine if an exclusive interview out this Friday he feels misunderstood saying "What you see on TV, it's not me. I'm not the character of the bachelor." Juan Pablo is really one of the most controversial bachelors in a long time. A lot of the women who complained he didn't seem to care. Reporter: The so-called bad boy bachelor tells the magazine, sometimes people say I'm rude, but it's just because I'm very honest. As for Nikki, Juan Pablo says they're still together. Though he admits as far as his daughter is concerned, Nikki is just daddy's friend. The 27-year-old pediatric nurse telling the magazine that the backlash against Juan Pablo has been hard to watch. It's not a game. This is like the relationship. Reporter: Accusing some of her fellow contestants of sour grapes. Even tweeting on Monday "Your words hurt no matter what." Unlike bachelors in the past -- I love you, Emily. Reporter: Who all proclaimed their love. I'll love you forever. I'm completely in love with you. Reporter: But then broke up an engagement for Juan Pablo, it seems, a long way off. Telling "People" magazine I want to make sure I pick the right person and while Nikki admits she wants Juan Pablo to propose when he's ready, it seems from this instagram picture Juan Pablo posted after the show he's happy just being free. For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, los Angeles. Oh. Come on. You were talking about it in the hallway. Our relationship expert co-founder of date better and that moment, I like you, not going to give you the ring. How do you read it? Good for him for not saying something he doesn't feel because I think that happens all too often and I think especially only knowing someone for a couple of months people make all sorts of promises they cannot keep. I'll never hurt you, never leave you and two months later and they're leaving and the person is going, wait, you promised you would never leave me which is much worse. At least she knows what she's dealing with. She should hang in there. I think she loves him. I think she's more infat wayed with him. Real love takes more than months and real quality time than with all these other women floating around and cameras. Be honest. If she came to me and I was counseling her and she said I'll Ari him two months in, I would say, what are you doing? Is there a takeaway for women and relationships who have not heard those three magical word, how long do you wait? What advice do you have? Six months in, that's a time to have those real conversations. If you feel love and haven't said it -- some are emotionally unavailable and have a hard time but it Tays a good six months into a relationship for your issues to come up anyway to even know what you really feel. Looking deep into josh Elliott's eyes here for having conversation. Your thoughts? Well, six months, maybe we just need to extend the show. Yeah. I have many -- Many. But the thing is, in years past when they've had the show and we saw the piece, I love you, I love you and they don't make it. We really thought discuss what he has done that you really can't fall in love. Yeah. They've seen each other a handful of times. When is the right time? Sometimes it comes way too early. Way too early. You can't unring that bell. The odds are against you the for people who don't get to know each other and get married that's why they end up getting divorced. From beginning to end we have really got a real idea who he is. Yes, we have. So I think you can make your own assessment. Well said. Thank you. All right.

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{"id":22873620,"title":"Juan Pablo Says He's Not the Character of 'The Bachelor'","duration":"3:00","description":"After a surprise end to the season, \"The Bachelor\" speaks out to People magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/juan-pablo-character-bachelor-22873620","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}