Julianne Hough Becomes Guest Judge on 'DWTS'

Professional dancer returns to the popular show "Dancing With the Stars."
2:31 | 10/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Julianne Hough Becomes Guest Judge on 'DWTS'
A bit of a new twist in the ballroom tonight. Julianne hough is back. Not the dance. The former pro will be putting her expertise to the test as a "Gma's" cameron mathison has more. The new champions of "dancing with the stars Reporter: She won the mirrorball trophy twice. Back-to-back championships. Reporter: After leaving the show to make music and movies, julianne hough realized "dancing with the stars" is always in her heart. I'm dance something much. Reporter: Tonight, she's returning to the ballroom. Not the compete but to judge. I'm so excited. I know how it feels be on the floor. I'm going to miss len. This is supposed to be a ballroom show. He represents ballroom. The inter play was terrific. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes. We'll be able to be more creative. I know what it takes to put the effort and the time in. So have someone like her who has been on both sides of the competition is exciting. In the competitive ballroom dancing, it's not awe lowed. It is a tv show. I'm sure she'll be a fair judge. She'll do amazing. I thing she'll be tougher on her brother, derek. Spl she's going to be fair. She's a professional. She has hinted she doesn't favor low scores, like -- 44! I want to feel the paddle don't be surprised if like the 4s ARE JUST KICKED OUT AND JUST Gone. I'm just saying. Whoa. Reporter: Is hough tough? She tweeted 2459 the angel with devil horns is back. She's an angel. She definitely has horns. Reporter: For "good morning america," cameron mathison. Amber riley tweeted her nooes are giving her troubles. Derek hough, her partner. I thing it's the wear and tear. We get into week four, week five, week six. You can see what kind of judge julianne will be tonight at 8:00 on abc. Anxious to see her. This will be fun. So is this. We're so excited.

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{"id":20492092,"title":"Julianne Hough Becomes Guest Judge on 'DWTS'","duration":"2:31","description":"Professional dancer returns to the popular show \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/julianne-hough-guest-judge-dwts-20492092","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}