Jury's Out: Should Parenting Classes Be Required?

Dan Abrams tackles the hot topics setting off debates across the Internet.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for Jury's Out: Should Parenting Classes Be Required?
But we got Dan Abrams back with us and time for "The jury is out." Going to bring up all the topics. Is it okay to bring a baby to a ski resort? Yes. One Colorado hotel guest was fuming at her noisy neighbor after she says she was woken up throughout the night so she left a nasty note that said thank for bringing a screaming baby to a ski resort. Babies don't ski. I never brought my babies to places like this. I was considerate of others, not selfish. Now, initially I was going to say I think the woman with the note has a point. My girlfriend went crazy on me saying, what are you talking about? These are public places. You want rent a house if you don't like it. I don't know. There are hotels I will say that don't allow children under the age of 12 for that very reason. You said you wouldn't bring your baby. I never did. To something like that because I do feel like I would feel very nervous if my baby started crying. I would feel bad for the people next to me in hotels should have thick enough walls for babies. Shouldn't be that big a deal and the mother should -- and the father should keep the babies as kwai ate as they can but of course they can bring the baby. Why didn't the person instead of writing a note, why not go to the door and say -- Or could have gone to her room and yelled wah. Here's what we got. We got on Facebook, Heidi says "No, and if I am in a room next to a crying baby all night long they should pay for my room for that night and each and every night I will be disturbed from my sleep by a wailing baby." Wow. Kathy says "Yes, I've been kept awake by drunk, loud, rude adults. At least a baby has an excuse of being a baby. What's the adults' excuse?" Good point. A lot of angry people. Next up, why is attending a wedding gotten so expensive. Costs a couple between $490 to $540 per couple to go to a wedding. 36% of people now say that they've gone into debt to attend a wedding. All right. My take in particular if you have a destination wedding where you make your friends go somewhere far I think that you have to offer to pay particularly for people who can't afford it. I think people are put in tough situations all the time. You say making. You're not making them. You're inviting them. They don't have to go. The guilt -- No, you about I say sometimes -- well, I have a lot friends having milestone birthdays and getting ourselves to these locations not to be revealed. And then the person who is having the birthday is supplying the accommodations and giving us a group rate. A group rate. Weddings are expensive. It would be really hard to pay for all of your guests. Do it local. If you can afford it and family members that can't, I would say -- Smaller wedding. Maybe they don't want you there. And if you find out ahead of time -- if that's why people do it. You find out ahead of time and pay for it and be like your vacation, as well. Kim Kelly said "If you're going to go into debt by attending the wedding maybe it's time you sat down and re-evaluate your pry ors. I wouldn't go into debt for my own wedding." Many Katia said "Yes, and I've been a bridespaid it can cost you a lot." You know what the average wedding in New York City costs to throw? What would you guess? 75,000. Whoa. $76,000. Wow. Lara Spencer. Ladies and gentlemen, Lara Spencer. Average? New York state. New York state legislator proposing a parent to take four parenting classes on issues such as bullying and physical and emotional abuse by the time their child graduates sixth grade. Don't take it and your kid does not go to seventh grade. That's crazy. Yeah. My mother always said she took parenting classes and I mean didn't really turn out so well for her. I think it's -- Mandatory? I did that just voluntarily because I wanted -- I think it's great information if it can educate, I'm torn but I think -- Working all day and -- I think it could be suggested. Highly encouraged. Yes. Let's do -- we got Twitter on this. Kai Williams speaking as a pediatric nurse, yes, if you could only see some of the situations these innocent kids are in." Finally our "Gma" flash poll we did on this one. What do you say, okay or no way? 65% of people said okay. I'm surprised by that. To require this for -- Epidemic. I think a lot of people feel there are bad parents out there. Thank you, Dan.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dan Abrams tackles the hot topics setting off debates across the Internet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22815588","title":"Jury's Out: Should Parenting Classes Be Required?","url":"/GMA/video/jurys-parenting-classes-required-22815588"}