Justin Theroux on New HBO Series 'The Leftovers'

The actor and screenwriter opens up about crying on cue and his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.
5:17 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Justin Theroux on New HBO Series 'The Leftovers'
Very nice. Olessa is watching the roads and the rails. How are things looking? No major accidents or incidents to report. North of town, we did have an accident over in Wilmington by 125 on 93 south. That's already gone. South of town, just typical volume. The expressway still slow, braintree to Boston 26 to 30 minutes. West of town, a little stop and go on the pike out of framingham. Trains and bus,on time. Stay informed throughout the day any time online at wcvb.com. Eventually, you know, I I mean at least in the making of it I became less interested in -- the event is the event. You know, and there's been events in real life that are the events and then eventually it's all focused on the small town of mapleton and hopefully people will become engaged in the people left behind, you know. The leftovers. The leftovers so and there's incredibly good writing and can't spoil too much of what's coming. Don't do it. Don't do it. But we really do start to care about all the team sort of under this microscope, you know, and I think that's going to be eventually the draw. I suspect I'm going to care about some people I didn't think I was going to care about but people, they've got to watch. It was wonderful to see you out with your, of course, fiancee out on the red carpet for this. Yes. You have a one month from today is your birthday, August 10th and we remember two years ago on your birthday you popped the question. Yes. Do you have any other big surprises. This birthday will be cakes and, you know, who knows. We'll see. Keeping it that. Hard to top after the proposal. We're loving the engagement as well. You look like you're both having a great time and see on the cover of magazines -- I'll so you on the cover. Details? Yes. Look at that. Oh -- and the way people describe you and what I really love you've always been fashion forward. But before -- now we call them skinny jeans but you were wearing that well before. In anyone remembers the '80s they were called peg pants at the time and everyone went to great lengths to safety pin their pants tight and went through a period of bell bottoms which was a hard period for me because I was still rocking -- now we call them skinny jeans. Always been a style about you and fascinating learning more about you in your childhood. How we watched TV a lot, "Fantasy island." Zee plane. And -- "The love boat," and "Dukes of Hazzard" and "Superfriends." At that time you could consume all the television. You know, it was only four channels and watch everything. Uhf. Isn't it true -- you got that. Rabbit ears. Exactly. Is it true that Gavin Macleod knocked you down in the airport. When I was a kid I remember being in an airport and I got prouded into by like toddlers do and I just got flattened by Gavin Macleod and I remember looking up and seeing the captain of "The love boat" staring down at me and said sorry, hi, I'm Gavin Macleod and walked away and altered mire reality. You think that would be a pleasurable experience but it was not. Like you've had an aneurysm. Enjoyed spending time with you. Exciting and wild. Come aboard. Justin, thank you. All the best going forward and new episode of "The leftovers" is on HBO on Sunday night.

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{"id":24501704,"title":"Justin Theroux on New HBO Series 'The Leftovers'","duration":"5:17","description":"The actor and screenwriter opens up about crying on cue and his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-theroux-interview-2014-actor-hbo-series-leftovers-24501704","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}