Suspect Arrested in Kansas City Highway Shootings

Kansas City police say they have a suspect who may be responsible for 20 shootings.
1:59 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Suspect Arrested in Kansas City Highway Shootings
Now, to Kansas City, where police tackled and arrested a suspect in those highway shootings. It was a dramatic takedown in the city suburbs. And ABC's Ron Claiborne is here with all of the details. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. In custody but not charged. This is a huge break in that case. The series of random highway shootings that has terrified people in Kansas City, Missouri, for the past month. Police say they have the person responsible. This morning, a city on-edge, may finally be able to rest easier. We've apprehended what we believe to be the suspect in the highway shootings. Reporter: Several dozen police officers descended upon this home in a Kansas City suburb, where they arrested a male, believed to be in his 20s. Authorities searched the home, towing away a car with Illinois license plates. The suspect lives in the grandview neighborhood, close to the grandview triangle, where several highways intersect. That's where six of the reported shootings took place. The investigation is ongoing. We're still looking at evidence. Reporter: The suspect is in custody but not yet formally charged. And the possibility of accomplices has not been ruled out. Police had one message for motorists on the local highways. We want to make sure that the residents know they're safe. Reporter: In the past month, 20 cars have been hit with gunfire along Kansas City highways, leading to an urgent manhunt, involving the FBI and the ATF. Two people were shot in their legs. Another in the arm. For now, it seems authorities were able to track down their suspect. And Kansas City police are holding a news conference in a few hours in which as expected they will provide details about the suspect and what led to that person. Investigators reportedly got a number of useful tips on a hotline. One from a witness reporting a car driving erratically on a highway. And had the suspect, the police, under surveillance for the past week. Now, robin and George, his arrest. They thought it was going to take somebody seeing something and saying something. Reporter: Apparently what happened. Now, to the crisis in

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Kansas City police say they have a suspect who may be responsible for 20 shootings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23375672","title":"Suspect Arrested in Kansas City Highway Shootings","url":"/GMA/video/kansas-city-shooter-authorities-arrest-highway-shooter-suspect-23375672"}