Kara Alongi Kidnapping: Was It a Hoax?

A social media frenzy started when the teen tweeted, "There is someone in my house call 911."
2:46 | 12/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kara Alongi Kidnapping: Was It a Hoax?
The case of the teen arnlg who says she was abducted. Police are now not so sure. When 16-year-old kara tweeted, there is someone in my house, call 911. She spoked a social media frenzy with the hash tag help find kara. John schriffen has the latest. Reporter: That 911 call just released. We're learning more about how kara says she was abducted. She was found safe and sound. Police are not buying her story. They're trying to figure out what happened. I wassen side and then some guy came maend me go. Heorced you out of the house? Yeah. Reporter: This newly released 911 call is giving police insight into a bizarre teenage disappearance they now believe is a hoax. There was cab at my house and I went in and I went to the train station and then I don't remember where I was. I woke up today, and I don't know, somewhere, it was like the country. And now I'm here. Reporter: In september, police in new jersey launched a search for her. Police believed she meant to say, there is someone in my house, call 911. The tweet was retweeted 32,000 times. You to have a description of him or name? I don't know his name. But he was black and he said he was like, 28. And then he told me if I try to get away orall someone that he was going to come get me. The issue with every 911 call or tweet or text is that you have to take it initially on face value that it's true. Because the last thing obviously law enforcement or emergency service personnel want to do is get a situation where they don't react when someone truly is in Reporter: Two day after the tweet, she was found alongside the new jersey turnpike unharmd. Police say they know she left her house and went to the train station alone. Why would someone fake their own abdiscussion. A number of these cases a driven by people who clearly want attention. Reporter: Police will not say why they believe she made the story up. In the end, she may be the one facing criminal charges. Police they got more than 6,000 dprauls concerned people all over the country. The teenager still insists she was abducted. We tried to reach her family and they are not commenting. A lot of things about the or the city are not clear. A lot thank you, john. This next story is for all

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{"id":18099607,"title":"Kara Alongi Kidnapping: Was It a Hoax?","duration":"2:46","description":"A social media frenzy started when the teen tweeted, \"There is someone in my house call 911.\"","url":"/GMA/video/kara-alongi-kidnapping-helpfindkara-twitter-hashtag-hoax-18099607","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}