Karla Martinez's Homemade Tortillas

The host of "La Cocina de Karla" cooks up her favorite Latin American dishes.
3:26 | 10/28/13

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Transcript for Karla Martinez's Homemade Tortillas
And we're going into the -- your kitchen. Which is good. I'm a california native. I saw we were going to do this. The difference if all mexican food especially, the fresh or the -- or ttortilla. Here we have the materials. The necessary things. Okay this is the corn flour. You need hot water. It was hot. But the weather is cold right now. That's hot water. In it goes. You mix it. You have to mix it with your hand, okay, josh? Get in there? Yes. Make the dough. Feel the dough. Smell the dough. come on, josh. I'm so nice to you. I have this one ready. I didn't make you suffer. You could have told me that. So this, will look like this. This is thick. You need just a little bit more water. Now make little -- george, you came. That's hot. Are you ready to make the tortillas with me? Yes. Tear it off. Make little balls like this. So miami is doing this as well? Yeah. Ours are going to be better. These are corn, not flour? Corn flour. My grandmother used to make it by hand. That's the authentic way. Now we have this beautiful thing that helps you do it faster. So, you can put the ball here. The little battle ll that you made. So tiny. Little little lit. Josh, josh, josh! Oh. I can't believe it. I'm so sorry. Do you want to marry me? Do you want to murray me? So embarrassing. George, the serious guy with the news. Hello, how are you? That's raul. Raul! Oh, my gosh. you're so embarrassing. What are you doing here? I used to be the maid. I got the american dream come true. For univision. I do. The smile. The lips. The nose. The ears. this is embarrassing. She's nice. She's not an executive in univigs. I am living the american dream. My tortilla. Tortilla. Logon to goodmorningamerica.Com for the good recipes. We have the quesadillas, the salsa and chips. Enrique iglesias performing next. CC1 Test message

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{"id":20701815,"title":"Karla Martinez's Homemade Tortillas","duration":"3:26","description":"The host of \"La Cocina de Karla\" cooks up her favorite Latin American dishes.","url":"/GMA/video/karla-martinezs-homemade-tortillas-20701815","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}